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Section 10.2 Working Together

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1 Section 10.2 Working Together
Marketing Essentials n Chapter 10 Interpersonal Skills Section Working Together

2 Working Together SECTION 10.2
What You'll Learn The importance of teamwork in the business world Six aspects of successful teamwork

3 Working Together SECTION 10.2
Why It's Important Teamwork in business is like teamwork in the sports arena. You may not wear a uniform in the work world, but you will be a member of a team dedicated to achieving specific goals. Develop the habit of being a good team member by always fulfilling your responsibilities, and you won't let your team down on your job.

4 SECTION 10.2 Working Together Key Terms consensus agreements

5 Working Together SECTION 10.2 Teamwork
A team is a group of people who work together to achieve a goal. Teamwork is the skill they use to achieve that goal. Effective teams employ the following strategies: training team planning team goals assigning roles agreements shared leadership and shared responsibility

6 Working Together SECTION 10.2 Training
To be an effective team member, you must have training for all the tasks you will perform. On the job, people are cross-trained for many tasks on a team. This gives the team flexibility and several strengths. Work becomes more enjoyable when you know you will not be doing the same thing every day.

7 Working Together SECTION 10.2 Team Planning
Before a team can begin working together on a project, it is important for the team to make a plan. This will ensure that each team member understands what will be involved in the project.

8 Working Together SECTION 10.2 Team Goals
Before a team can begin to act, it has to be clear about what its goals are. Team members must first feel involved in defining a goal in order to feel committed to it.

9 Working Together SECTION 10.2 Assigning Roles
Each person on the team needs to know which part of the process he or she is responsible for each day. Members are usually assigned tasks based on their skills and experience.

10 Working Together SECTION 10.2 Agreements
An agreement is a specific commitment that each member makes with the group. It is like a contract or a promise to perform a certain task within a certain period of time. A team's agreements must be consistent with its goals.

11 Working Together SECTION 10.2
Shared Responsibility and Shared Leadership Each member must feel responsible for the whole team's efforts in order for a team to work. That is shared responsibility. Shared leadership allows all team members to perform some management functions.

12 Reviewing Key Terms and Concepts
ASSESSMENT 10.2 Reviewing Key Terms and Concepts 1. What is teamwork? Why is it important in the business world? 2. List six aspects of successful teamwork. 3. What is a consensus? 4. What is the idea behind shared leadership?

13 ASSESSMENT Thinking Critically 10.2
Why would employees be more motivated to perform well on a team than in an individual effort?

14 Graphic Organizer 10.2 The Aspects of Successful Teamwork Successful
Training Team Planning Team Goals Assigning Roles Agreements Shared Leadership Shared Responsibility Successful Teamwork

15 Marketing Essentials End of Section 10.2

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