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1. Confidential Access 24/7/365 Comprehensive telephonic or face to face diagnostic assessments Legal and Financial consultations and referrals Childcare/Eldercare.

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2 Confidential Access 24/7/365 Comprehensive telephonic or face to face diagnostic assessments Legal and Financial consultations and referrals Childcare/Eldercare Assistance Unlimited Human Resources referrals Unlimited CISD Seminars Unlimited Telephonic Management Consultations Unlimited Mandatory Referrals And more……. Your EAP Services

3 Issues Deer Oaks can Help With Job related stress Problems with co-workers or supervisors Substance abuse Marital Problems Dealing with divorce issues Family issues Child or adolescent problems Anger Management Domestic Violence Depression & Anxiety Healthy Lifestyles Dealing with divorce issues Health Problems (diabetes, cancer, disabilities) Referrals for Medical, Legal, & Financial problems

4 Who is Eligible for Services? All full and part-time employees All dependents at home or away Anyone living in your household All benefits continue 6 months post employment

5 Telephone Intakes Trained Care Coordinators receive calls from Managers and employees Immediately gather general information and assess the clients issue Crisis situations addressed immediately Appointments are made based on an individuals needs and requests

6 Follow Up Follow-up calls from care coordinator Conduct participant satisfaction survey’s 100% follow-up on all employee requests

7 Legal Access Services Up to a 30-minute free initial visit with in- plan attorney Up to 25% reduction in fees following retainer Review of up to 3, 6-page legal documents Free Simple Will Kit Telephone and web-based legal resources

8 Financial Access Services Free 30-minute initial planning session Up to 25% reduced rates for certified financial planners Online links to financial resources, budget templates, calculators Resources for combating identity theft

9 Work/Life Services Childcare/Eldercare Services  Referrals for child and elder daycare, respite care, assisted living, nursing home care  Assistance accessing Medicare resources  Extensive resources for issues related to aging Tele-disease coaching Maternity at Work (MAW) Program Personal Plan Program

10 Take the High Road! Your ride is on us! Just turn in your receipt!

11 Management Assistance Program Unlimited telephonic consultations to managers and supervisors. Can help with specific departmental and organizational interventions We offer a professional and objective viewpoint to help maintain a positive & productive work environment

12 Critical Incident Stress Debriefings Critical Incident Support staff members are highly qualified clinicians, experienced in dealing with a broad range of critical incidents. Deer Oaks provides both group and one- on-one support in a variety of situations: Major changes impacting work/family life Injury or death in the workplace Industrial accidents and environmental disasters

13 Types of Referrals Self Referral: An employee or family member may privately refer himself or herself for help with a problem.

14 Types of Referrals Supervisory Referral : Is designed to provide a management tool for addressing unsatisfactory job performance or personal conduct. Although the employee might decline the offer of help, this option can be repeated anytime the supervisor feels the employee may have become more receptive. Limited information from Supervisory referrals can be released to the agency with the written consent of the employee. Examples: Angry outbursts, inadequate work performance, personal hygiene, unacceptable behavior

15 Types of Referrals Management Directed Referral Intended to address the employee situations that require immediate attention and for which the employee should not be allowed to remain in the workplace until the problem is solved The purpose is to protect the work setting from disruption and to develop a plan of action to resolve the situation. Reasons for a Management Directed Referral Behavior which is determined to present a potential or present health/safety danger to himself and/or others Impairment on the job (misuse of alcohol or use of controlled substances) Testing positive for alcohol or controlled substances

16 Types of Referrals Fitness for Duty –A referral to address extraordinary situations where an employee poses an immediate hazard or risk to themselves or others in the workplace –It may be used to determine an employee’s medical or psychological fitness to perform their essential job functions. –Management will receive an evaluative summary from the evaluating resource regarding the employee fitness for duty. The EAP will facilitate this referral to a qualified medical resource to conduct the FFD/risk evaluation. The evaluative Summary findings will recommend one of the following courses of action: –Fit to return to duty without specific recommendations –Fit to return to duty with specific recommendations –Not fit to return to duty until specific recommendations have been met

17 How Supervisory, Management, & FFD Referrals Assist the HR/ER Dept.? Structured referral with terms and conditions Provides mechanism to develop a plan of action to address and resolve a difficult situation Provides documentation in the case further action needs to be taken Takes the responsibility off of HR/ER to deal with an employee’s personal issues Ultimately, gives the employee an opportunity to deal with personal issues and improve job performance

18 Accessing Services Call Deer Oaks EAP Services: 1-877-EAP-SOLV - 1-877-327-7658 E-mail: or go to: Username & Password: EAPNC

19 19 Thank You For Your Time! Monique Ortiz, Account Manager 210-615-3453

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