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Title of Your Portfolio

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1 Title of Your Portfolio
Your Name 2012/13 Sagamore Middle School

2 Dedication Dedicate this online writing portfolio to someone you has inspired you to be the person you are. Give a few reasons and examples of why you are dedicating the book to this person. You may dedicate it to more than one person. Table of Contents Letter to the Reader One Favorite Piece of Writing Another Favorite Piece of Writing A Third Favorite Piece of Writing(add much more if you want) About the Author

3 Letter to the Reader June 2013 Dear Reader,
Welcome to my online writing portfolio. (Tell how much this portfolio means to you and how hard you worked on the writing you are including. Explain what it contains.) (Describe one of your favorite pieces. Tell why you like it and explain what it means to you.) (Describe another of your favorite pieces. Tell why you like it and explain what it means to you.) (Again, encourage the reader to enjoy the book. You may make a suggestion for the reader – to sit in a comfortable place in your house, get a snack or a beverage, etc. – to enjoy reading your book.) Sincerely, Your Name

4 Include Your Favorite Pieces of Writing You could attach a Word File or another PPT and just have an illustration on this slide. Click the Insert tab. Select Hyperlink. Select Existing File or Web Page Select a file from Current Folder

5 On the Next Few Slides, Include Any Other Favorite Pieces of Writing You Would Like to Share. (minimum 3 pieces) Suggested: Thanksgiving Letter (grades 6, 7 & 8) “I Am” poem (grades 6 & 7) “Wanted” poem (grade 8) Greek Myth essay (grade 8) Greek Myth project (grade 8) Persuasive Essay (grades 6, 7 & 8) Persuasive Project (grade 8) Literacy contest essay or poem (grade 6)

6 (Just make sure it is all “appropriate” please.)
You might want to add links to your favorite music videos, funny videos, photos and more. (Just make sure it is all “appropriate” please.) Here are some of my favorites: Invasions, the Animated Short Film Why are aliens visiting our planet? From his perspective, how would this alien most likely describe humans? Pigeon: Impossible This is a funny film that parodies a more serious topic. What would the director of this film say about technology and weapons of mass destruction? How easy would it be to have a serious accident? For The Birds The birds in this film parody human behavior. Describe the behavior of the flock and the newcomer. What is ironic about the ending?

7 About the Author. Introduce yourself: tell your age and name
About the Author Introduce yourself: tell your age and name. Tell where you live, where you have lived before, and with whom you live (include pets). Describe yourself: tell about your hobbies, interests, extra-curricular activities, favorite subjects, things you like to do in the summer, etc. Describe your future goals: tell about your hopes, goals or plans for the future.

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