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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Germany License eSciDoc A scientific collaboration,

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1 This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Germany License eSciDoc A scientific collaboration, communication and publication platform for research M. Dreyer

2 The Max Planck Society (MPG – Max-Planck Gesellschaft) 80 institutes 265 directors, 4700 Scientists, ~ Young Academics from allover the world 30 locations 18 Nobel prizes in the last 50 years Intense cooperation with universities

3 M. Dreyer Locations distributed organization cooperation between different locations is very common locations outside Germany are not shown (Nijmegen, Florence, Rome, …)

4 M. Dreyer Fields diverse set of fields Chemistry, Physics, Technology Biology, Medicine, Brain Science Law, Art, History, Cognition not a broad as many universities but more interdisciplinary

5 M. Dreyer Max Planck Digital Library MPDL Founded in 2007 Departments Information Provision Research and Development Open Access Complemented by activities in many institutes Close cooperation with Institutes Excellent Services for Excellent Research

6 M. Dreyer Our research infrastructure must match the research ambitions

7 M. Dreyer eScience / eResearch = Use of information technology for enhancing research Kurt Mehlhorn, Vice President, MPG

8 M. Dreyer On Repositories in Europe For Publications (Examples) National Repositories HAL Discipline Specific Repositories RePEC (.org) PubMed Central UK Open Access Distributed Repositories vs. Small Number of Interconnected Trusted Repositories Repositories for Combining Publication Data and Supplementary Material

9 M. Dreyer eSciDoc is as a joint project of the Max Planck Society and FIZ Karlsruhe, funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), aimed at building an e-Research platform for multi-disciplinary research organizations. eSciDoc integrates research results and materials in an emerging e-research network, provides effective and comprehensive access to data and information supports collaboration and interdisciplinary research in future e-Science scenarios increases the accountability of research improve the visibility of research institutions and organizations Project Setup and Mission

10 M. Dreyer Infrastructure /1

11 M. Dreyer Infrastructure /2 eSciDoc

12 M. Dreyer Infrastructure ?

13 M. Dreyer Sample Workflow /1 Idea Exploration Data Acquisition Experiment Aggregation Analysis Publication Archiving

14 M. Dreyer Sample Workflow /2 Transcription Annotation Metadata Translation Metadata © Institut Catholique, Paris, France

15 M. Dreyer eSciDoc Background Publishing of Research Data Discipline Specifics for Publication and Research Data Data Deluge New Kinds of Publications Scalability and Integration of distributed Systems Interfacing to existing Systems within Max Planck Society Requirements arising from DLTP aspects Requirements from Open and Restricted Access Open Formats and Open Standards Evaluation: DSPACE, Fedora, ARNO, ePrints, Planck, CDSWare, OPUS Service Oriented Architecture for Extensibility

16 M. Dreyer eSciDoc Technical Architecture

17 M. Dreyer

18 M. Dreyer Core Services

19 M. Dreyer Intermediary Services

20 M. Dreyer Application Services

21 M. Dreyer Current State Release of Infrastructure at Open Source -> CDDL and CC-by eSciDoc Days 9./10. June 2008 in Berlin More than 100 participants eSciDoc Days 2009: 15./16. June 2009, Karlsruhe

22 M. Dreyer eSciDoc Interest and Partners (examples) Academy of Athens, Greece Bavarian State Library, Germany CNRS, France DANS, Netherlands FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) GBV, Göttingen, Germany GFZ, Potsdam, Germany Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany IRCHSS, Ireland Kings College, UK NIMS, Japan University Stuttgart, Germany University of Copenhagen, Denmark

23 M. Dreyer eSciDoc Solutions PubMan Management und Dissemination of Publication Data FACES Photos of different facial stimuli (Diamond Interfaces/cuttings upcoming) Virtueller Raum Reichsrecht (VIRR) Publication and Enrichment of Digitized Materials

24 M. Dreyer Max Planck Society Early Adopters PubMan Solution Early Adopters MPI für Biogeochemistry MPI für Chemical Ecology MPI für Psycholinguistics Albert Einstein Institut (Gravitational Physics) MPI für Colloids and Interfaces MPI für Molecular Plant Physiology FACES MPI for Human Development Interest: MPI f. BioChemistry, MPI f. Extraterrestrial Physik VIRR MPI for European History of Law Interessenten: Kunsthistorisches Institut Florenz, Bib. Hertziana LEXUS/LAMUS MPI für Psycholinguistics

25 M. Dreyer Demos Reinhold von Sengbusch Collection PubMan FACES Planned Extensions: Diamond Cuttings, Photos from Anthropology VIRR Digilib Integration

26 M. Dreyer Usage Types Infrastructure as Development Platform Development of additional Services Extension of the Infrastructure Exchange with other Developers Out-of-the-box Installation and Operation of Solutions Customizations Configurations Using parts of the Infrastructure Interfacing to Local Repositories Interfacing to Local Content Management Systems As a Repository for Digital Long Term Preservation

27 M. Dreyer Alleinstellungsmerkmale von eSciDoc Service Orientierte Architektur Vollständig XML basiert Keine proprietären Technologien Unabhängig von Programmiersprachen Basierend auf Fedora Versionierung, formale Objekt Modelle, semantische Verlinkungen Homogene Sicht auf Ressourcen Unterschiedliche Metadatenmodelle Vorbereitet für Langzeitarchivierung Durchgängig Internationalisiert Verteilte Authentifizierung (Shibboleth) Trennung von Anwendungen und Repository Offen für Erweiterungen und Open Source, Vollständig dokumentiert

28 M. Dreyer Thank You………………………… Questions?

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