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Ausflug zu einem Test von Einsteins E = mc 2. D IV.

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1 Ausflug zu einem Test von Einsteins E = mc 2

2 D IV

3 Nehmen Sie mal eine Suchmaschine...

4 Scientific achievements – Nature 22 nd December 2005 Direct test of mass/energy relationship E = mc 2 GAMS Interferometer ILL ILL-MIT-NIST

5 Bestimmung von Energie & Winkeln 0.14º mit Penning trap (MIT) N A h als nächstes E = mc2 No2

6 Paul - Falle Drawing of a schematic Paul Trap (some kind of ion-cage) for the storage of charged particles by the use of an oscillating electric field (blue), generated by a quadrupole (a:end caps) and (b:ring electrode). A particle, indicated in red (here positive) is stored in between caps of the same polarity. The particle is trapped inside a vacuum chamber. The particle is surrounded by a cloud of similarly charged particles in red. For detailed description see at en:Quadrupole ion trap

7 Aus Tipler Moden: Zyklotronmode ~ 5 MHz Magnetron Mode ~ 5 kHz axiale Oszillation 200 KHz Genauigkeit von bis 10 -5



10 GAMS4 in Grenoble

11 Journal homeJournal home > Archive > Brief Communications > AbstractArchiveBrief Communications Nature 438, (22 December 2005) | doi: / a World Year of Physics: A direct test of E=mc 2 Simon Rainville 1,2, James K. Thompson 1, Edmund G. Myers 3, John M. Brown 4, Maynard S. Dewey 5, Ernest G. Kessler, Jr 5, Richard D. Deslattes 5, Hans G. Börner 6, Michael Jentschel 6, Paolo Mutti 6 and David E. Pritchard Top of page One of the most striking predictions of Einstein's special theory of relativity is also perhaps the best known formula in all of science: E=mc 2. If this equation were found to be even slightly incorrect, the impact would be enormous given the degree to which special relativity is woven into the theoretical fabric of modern physics and into everyday applications such as global positioning systems. Here we test this mass–energy relationship directly by combining very accurate measurements of atomic-mass difference, m, and of -ray wavelengths to determine E, the nuclear binding energy, for isotopes of silicon and sulphur. Einstein's relationship is separately confirmed in two tests, which yield a combined result of 1- mc 2 /E=( ) 10 -7, indicating that it holds to a level of at least %. To our knowledge, this is the most precise direct test of the famous equation yet described. Top of page 1.Research Laboratory of Electronics, MIT–Harvard Center for Ultracold Atoms, and Department of Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139, USA 2.Present address: Département de Physique, Université Laval, Québec G1K 7P4, Canada 3.Department of Physics, Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida , USA 4.The Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory, Department of Chemistry, South Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3QZ, UK 5.National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, Maryland 20899, USA 6.Institut Laue-Langevin, Grenoble Cedex, France Correspondence to: Simon Rainville 1,2

12 Scientific achievements – Nature 22 nd December 2005 Direct test of mass/energy relationship E = mc 2 GAMS Interferometer ILL ILL-MIT-NIST

13 Ergebnisse: R = m( 14 N 2 + )/m( 13 C 2 H 2 + ) = (7) Δm/m = R = m( 33 S + )/m( 32 SH + ) = (89) Δm/m = R = m( 29 Si + )/m( 28 Si + ) = (65) Δm/m = 2.85x – Δmc 2 /E = (-1.4 +/- 4.4 ) x x besser als bisher

14 Ausblick Penning trap Massenspektrometer höchster Präzision – bald Metrologie Für Feinstrukturkonstante, - Wellenlänge Fundamental physics E = mc2, Zeitumkehr Phys. Chem. Reaktionen atmosph.Chemie, chem. Bindung Kg : SI-Schlußlicht Übergang zu atomarem/nuklearem System in Arbeit Bi-Atom noch einige Jahre

15 E = mc2 Literatur S.Rainville (MIT), R.Deslattes (NIST),M.Jentschel (ILL), H.Boerner(ILL) et al Nature 438, (2005) 22.Dec05 plus press releases Penning trap with 2 ions S. Rainville, J.K.Thompson,D.E.Pritchard Science 303,334-8 (2004) Gamma-Spectro GAMS4 E.G.Kessler,H.Boerner et al Nucl. Instru. Meth A457, (2001) Reviews: P.Mohr et al ; Rev. Mod. Phys. 77, (2005) K.Blaum ; Phys. Reports, 1 – 78 (2006)

16 Auf 0,00004 Prozent genau: die Äquivalenz von Masse und Energie. Bild: NSSDC/ NASA / RELATIVITÄTSTHEORIE E = mc2 - auf 0,00004 Prozent genau von Rainer Kayser 22. Dezember 2005Rainer Kayser Einstein Was Right (Again): NIST And MIT Confirm That E=mc2


18 KN 20.Mai 2006 Neugier 500. Todestag von Kolumbus Karte von Waldseemüller 1507

19 The end

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