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ATLANTIC STRATEGY and EU Cohesion Policy

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1 ATLANTIC STRATEGY and EU Cohesion Policy 2014-2020
Vicente RODRIGUEZ SAEZ, DG Regional Policy, Deputy Head of Unit for European Transnational and Interregional Cooperation Christian FAURE, DG Maritime Affaires and Fisheries, Deputy Head of Unit MARE.C.3 22 February 2012


3 Macro Regional Strategies
DEFINITION (CRP Trilogue EP+Council) ‘macroregional strategy’ is an integrated framework endorsed by the European Council, which may be supported by the European Structural and Investment Funds among others, to address common challenges faced by a defined geographical area relating to Member States and third countries located in the same geographical area which thereby benefit from strengthened cooperation contributing to achievement of economic, social and territorial cohesion

4 Special reference to macro-regional and Sea-basin Strategies
- Baltic Sea, Danube and Atlantic strategies are underway, interest for strategies in other parts of Europe (mandate received from European Council for Adriatic-Ionian, Alpine Strategy, Artic and North). - MRs and SBs provide framework for aligning policies and funding, with a view to increase impact, beyond ambit of cohesion policy. - Permanent Review of existing strategies + action plans. Council Conclusions by Danish Presidency on progress of Baltic Strategy. New reports and conclusions under preparation for Irish and Lithuanian Presidencies (1st Semester 2013). - General support for financial neutrality (no new EU legislation, institutions and funding).

5 ATLANTIC STRATEGY - Why the Atlantic? Communication November 2011
km coastline with changing economy and demography Potential for growth and jobs of the blue economy: Traditional activities: shipbuilding, fisheries and aquaculture, tourism Emerging activities: ocean energy, seabed resources, marine biotechnology Opportunities for sinergies from cooperation across Member States and Regions

1. Reduction of carbon emissions 2. Ecosytem based management of living resources 3. Protection against risk and emergencies 4. Exploitation of seafloor resources 5. Socially inclusive growth ATLANTIC FORUM – ACTION PLAN - Atlantic Forum: Bottom-up approach by MS, regions and stakeholders (consultation). - Resulting in Action Plan by Spring 2013 (Irish Presidency endorsement)

7 How can Spain take on board priorities of the Atlantic Action Plan during the implementation phase?
EU Regional funds to support 'blue economy' objectives Horizon 2020 CEF, LIFE+ EIB Private sector

8 LEGISLATIVE PACKAGE General Regulation
- Common provisions for cohesion policy, the rural development policy and the maritime and fisheries policies - Common provisions for cohesion policy only (ERDF, ESF, CF) Regulations for ERDF, ESF, CF ETC Regulation Modification of EGTC Regulation

9 Main features in Legislative Package
Goals for Cohesion Policy (main Objectives): Investment for Growth and Jobs European Territorial Cooperation Overall reform Principles Strategic approach: Europe 2020 alignment (+ MRS and SBS) Thematic concentration Results orientation Specific ETC Regulation Cooperation activities in all Funds covered by Common Strategic Framework and Partnership agreements. Member States should then align and coordinate their cooperation through Partnership agreements of neighbouring countries.

10 Macroregional and Sea-basin strategies in Legislative Framework
Partnership Agreement to set out main priority areas for cooperation, taking account where appropriate of macro-regional and sea-basin strategies. (art.14 CPR) Programmes (both under Investment for Growth and Jobs and ETC) to set out the contribution of the planned interventions towards macro-regional strategies and sea-basin strategies, where appropriate (art.87 CPR) In transnational programmes (Art, 6-7 ETC Regulation) Development of a macro-regional or sea-basin strategy Implementation of an existing strategy e.g. through the financing of projects directly deriving from it Implementation of an existing strategy e.g. through supporting coordination of strategy process

11 Budget for Cohesion Policy 2014-2020 (*)
billion EUR (2011 prices) Cohesion Fund 66.4 Less developed regions 164.3 Transition regions 31.7 More developed regions 49.5 Cooperation 8.948 Extra allocation for outermost and northern regions 1.4 TOTAL 322.25 * Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) adopted by European Council 8/02/13, to be negotiated with EP.

12 How will ETC funding be allocated?
Total EUR 8,948 billion proposed in MFF (*) adopted 08/02/2013 74% (a total of EUR 6,627 billion for cross-border cooperation) 20,4% (a total of EUR 1,822 billion for transnational cooperation) 5,6% (a total of EUR 0,5 billion for interregional cooperation) (*) Multiannual Financial Framework still to be negotiated with EP.

13 TIMELINE 06/2011 Commission proposal on the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) 10/2011 Commission proposals on cohesion policy for 2012/2013 Dialogue between Commission and MS on partnership agreements and operational programmes 2013 2014 Adoption of new legislative package and agreement with EP on new MFF 1st Semester 2013. All Partnership Agreements to be adopted by November 2013 All Operational Programmes to be adopted during 1st Semester 2014


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