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A collaborative project between tutors and students on Birmingham City University’s PGCE Primary programme Recruiting Outstanding Teachers.

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1 A collaborative project between tutors and students on Birmingham City University’s PGCE Primary programme Recruiting Outstanding Teachers

2 The Importance of Teaching (2010) : ‘we know that highly effective models of teacher training systematically use assessments of aptitude, personality and resilience as part of the candidate selection process’ p21. The Case for Change (2010) : ‘improving the recruitment and selection of teachers is a key step towards improving teacher effectiveness’ p7 Training our next generation of outstanding teachers (2011) ‘more emphasis on selection processes and trainee quality in making judgements about an ITT provider’s quality’ p4 The national context

3 ‘We have been surprised by the lack of research into the qualities found to make for effective teaching, including any potential link between degree class and performance. Overall, the research base in both directions is fairly scant and could usefully be replenished with new methodologically-sound research looking at UK teachers and schools, both primary and secondary, which we recommend that the Government commission with some urgency.’ p 24 The Select Committee Report: Great teachers: attracting, training and retaining the best (2012)

4 New Labour approached this by: Asking HEIs to increase the quality of new entrants. Putting emphasis on managing the workforce and improving professionalism. This was linked to targets and raising standards. Making Teaching a 21 st Century Profession

5 The Coalition are emphasising characteristics: High levels of literacy and numeracy, Strong interpersonal and communication skills, A willingness to learn and The motivation to teach Training the Next Generation of Outstanding Teachers

6 This House of Commons Education Committee report considered the question of what qualities/attributes an ‘outstanding’ teacher has. They found compiling a definitive list challenging! Great Teachers: attracting, training and retaining the best

7 This view has clear links to Grossman, Wilson and Shulman (1989) who explored the importance of ‘subject matter knowledge’ for teaching and consider that an effective teacher will have detailed subject knowledge, an ability to promote learning and also a deep understanding of the children being taught. Research

8 Research by Malm (2009) suggested there is too little attention given to the importance of personal development for professional practice. A balance is needed between the cognitive and emotional dimensions. Research

9 This view needs to be considered with reference to Shulman (cited in Leach and Moon 1999) who believes that it is difficult for teachers to articulate what they know as a great deal of teachers’ knowledge about their own profession is implicit in their actions. Research

10 Malm (2009) also suggests that trainee teachers actually alter their views about teaching very little during their training period. She cites Pajares who explains that familiarity with schools and teaching allows the trainee to emerge from the course with the same beliefs they had on entry intact. Does it all matter?

11 PGCE Primary/Early Years – 270 BA (QTS) – 200 per year Retention PGCE Primary/Early Years – 98% BA (QTS) – 96% Non-completion during natural course lifetime 9.6% BA (QTS) – males and BME BCU Course Facts

12 Launched in 2010 and ‘aims to integrate students into the teaching and pedagogic research communities of the University to enhance the learning experience.’ Students negotiate their own roles with staff and are paid for up to 125 hours of work. Students are employed as partners not assistants, co- creators not passive recipients of the learning experience. Project outcomes are disseminated at showcase events. Students Academic Partners

13 An exploration of candidates’ expectations – and the reality An evaluation of how well we judge ‘aptitude for teaching’ in our selection and recruitment processes – from a student perspective Our Project

14 Course teams focus Questions based on robustness Scenario questions Four elements to interview: maths task English task prepared contemporary issue Interview Alex, Danni and Liz invited to consider the fitness for purpose of our existing practice. Our Project

15 Current students Anonymous Comparison between Primary and Secondary interview processes Questionnaires

16 Good opportunity to express their ability Little change in their attitudes to teaching as they were well briefed at the start Didn’t see the presentation as part of the interview A practical opportunity to demonstrate their aptitude for teaching would be a step forward. Findings

17 This was just the starting point. The questionnaire didn’t assess aptitude for teaching or question what these traits were in enough detail and so we discussed ways forward. However……

18 The next logical step Our role Presentation Range of candidates and interviewers Interviews

19 Initial question - Why do you want to be a teacher? Attributes of a good teacher Identification of good teaching Discussion of a contemporary issue in education Interview Questions

20 The best candidates do not necessarily have the most experience Judging the middle ground Is the interview process effective in showing teaching attributes? Observations

21 Grossman, P.L., Wilson, S. M., Shulman L ‘Teachers of Substance: Subject Matter Knowledge for Teaching’ in Reynolds, M.C. (ed) (1989) ‘Knowledge Base for the Beginning Teacher’. Oxford. Pergamon Press. Malm, B (2009) ‘Towards a New Professionalism: Enhancing Personal and Professional Development in Teacher Education’ Journal of Education for Teaching, 35:1, 77-91. Shulman, L.S., (1999) ‘Knowledge and Teaching: Foundations of the New Reform’ in Leach, J., Moon, B. (eds) Learners and Pedagogy London, Paul Chapman Publishing Ltd. References

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