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Pocket Gate Farm Off Breakback Road Woodhouse Eaves Leicestershire

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1 Pocket Gate Farm Off Breakback Road Woodhouse Eaves Leicestershire LE12 8RS T: Harnessing the collective power of the community and equipping people with the tools to make a difference

2 Personal Responsibility Take Action & Measure Results
Reason Why Self Belief Personal Responsibility Involve Others Define Goal Plan Priorities Take Action & Measure Results The Go MAD® Framework

3 Lifetime Vision By 18th May 2063 to put solution focused thinking in to every workplace, every home and every community.

4 Think Leicestershire Vision
By 18th May 2013 we will provide a range of leading edge planning, problem solving and collaborative online tools to the 1 million people who live and work in Leicestershire. This will enable them to take greater personal responsibility for making a difference at home, at work and in the community Supporting this will be a team of 1000 volunteer coaches who will have received world-class training and be assisting local communities to improve the lives of people within Leicestershire.  

5 3 Key Elements Online platform, connecting people and community groups
-Giving, sharing ideas and resources -Supporting business growth and community needs iCheev - An interactive personal development and problem solving toolkit -Encouraging people to take personal responsibility and achieve goals Recruit and train 1000 volunteer community coaches -People in charge and leading the way forward for Leicestershire -Ongoing support and development through “Thinking Action Groups”

6 9 Key Thinking Areas Money and Finance Work, Career and Business
Health and Well-being Education, Learning and Training Home and Accommodation Relationships Community Social, Leisure and Sport Environment

7 Think It (iCheev®) Do It Share It Take action (Start doing)
Ambitions & goals Ideas & Priorities   Problem solving Building Confidence Take action (Start doing) Good news, results & inspiration Do It Share It Find answers Find information & skills Find projects & opportunities Find people & organisations My Time (Volunteering) Knowledge  Experience & Skills Projects & Opportunities Success Community Content Xchange


9 Think It

10 Do It

11 Share It

12 Support Structure 3 7 Leicestershire Leicester City Constituency
Coordinator (County) Think Leicestershire 7 Leicestershire District Co-ordinators Thinking Action Group Leaders 25 Community Coaches 3 Leicester City Constituency Coordinator (City)

13 The Community Coach Role
To encourage people to THINK about their goals, solutions to problems and new ways of doing things. To prompt people to take ACTION to make a difference for themselves, their family, their organisation and their community. To engage with others to SHARE their experiences and join forces to have an even bigger impact on the results that individuals and organisations can achieve.

14 Community Coaches Initial one day training On-going e-learning modules
Member of a local Thinking Action Group Monthly support and development sessions Knowledge and skills sharing through online community coach group District/Constituency development days

15 Thinking Action Group Leaders
Role is to build, support and develop a group of up to 25 community coaches 4 days initial training (community leadership development programme) On-going development from project manager, district coordinator and Go MAD team

16 Government/ Police/ NHS
Individuals and Families Community Groups Think Leicestershire Businesses / Employees Public Sector Government/ Police/ NHS

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