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Chapter 3 Part F&G.

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1 Chapter 3 Part F&G

2 a rickshaw

3 a camera

4 a fan an oil lamp

5 clogs a stove

6 People cooked on this.

7 People used this to keep cool.

8 People took photos with this.

9 People wore these on their feet.

10 People used this at night.

11 People rode in this.

12 Present tense cook use take wear ride go do have is are Past tense cooked used took wore rode went did had was were

13 conclusion 1、一般在动词后面加 ed 2、以e结尾在动词后面加d. 3、特殊动词特殊记。

14 woke washed put had went wake wash put have go

15 Regular verbs Spelling rules Examples base form + ed walk  walked
play  played verbs ending in -e + d like  liked move  moved carry  carried study  studied verbs ending in a consonant + y change y  i + ed Some verbs ending in a single consonant + the second last letter is a vowel  double the last letter + ed plan  planned stop  stopped

16 Irregular verbs Spelling rules Examples no change in base form
put  put cut  cut different spelling from the base form go  went eat  ate wear  wore come  came

17 Base Form Simple Past Tense
Practice Base Form Simple Past Tense wear ride use go have try shop enjoy take wore rode used went had tried shopped enjoyed took

18 Practice 1 I __________ (not go) to school by bus yesterday. didn’t go
2 She ___________ (not have) a dancing lesson last week. 3 Peter ____________ (not give) any flowers to his mum last Mother’s Day. 4 He ____________ (not watch) the dragon boat races last year. didn’t go didn’t have didn’t give didn’t watch

19 Practice 1 He _______ (go) to school by bus yesterday. went
2 Grandma _______ (have) a telephone when she was young. 3 I _______ (wear) trainers to school yesterday. 4 We _______ (eat) fast food last Sunday. went had wore ate

20 ______ there any cola when you were young?
Yes, there _________. 2. ______ there ____ air-cons when you ______ young? No, there __________. 3. Yesterday Mary won a prize. She _______ happy. 4. When we ______ young, there ______ any fast food. 5. _______the children tired yesterday? Yes, they ________. Was was Were any were weren’t was wasn’t were Were were

21 Negative sentences We add did not to make the sentence negative.
Don’t change the verb after did not. He had a computer lesson last week.  + not He did not have a computer lesson last week.

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