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Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology Faculty Welcome (Engineering) Autumn 2013.

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1 Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology Faculty Welcome (Engineering) Autumn 2013

2 Rob Jarman Director of Undergraduate Engineering Programs

3 Prasanthi Hagare Director of Postgraduate Engineering Programs


5 Where to find course and subject information




9 Reading your timetable Lectures: Lec1 01 Mon 09:00 90min CB01.04.06 28/2-11/4, 2/5-6/6 Labs &Tutorials: Wks1 01 Wed 09:00 180 min CB10.02.312 28/2-11/4, 2/5-6/6 (Workshop) Tut1 02 Wed 09:00 180 min CB10.02.311 28/2-11/4, 2/5-6/6 (Tutorial) Cmp1 03 Wed 09:00 180 min CB10.02.313 28/2-11/4, 2/5-6/6 (Computer Lab)

10 STUDY MODE S - Standard mode - generally 3 hours face to face/week B – Block mode - generally 2 full days of lecture presentations 2 or 3 times a semester D – Distance mode - you study the lecture material in your own time, submitting deliverables as required. TEACHING SESSIONS Summer – a limited number of subjects will be available over summer semester as electives for PG and UG Engineering and IT students Winter - a very limited number of subjects will be available over winter semester for PG IT students

11 Where to get help Administrative support Academic Support English language support Technical support

12 ADMINISTRATIVE AND ENROLMENT Engineering - Student Centre Building 1 Student Centre – Level 4 Enquiries:

13 Study Plan defines what subjects you need to complete in your course pre-requisites must be completed first electives afford diverse opportunities: - Post graduate engineering subjects - Subjects from other Faculties - Exchange opportunities (combine travel overseas and study !) Credit recognition needs to be resolved/completed in your first few weeks of this semester Changes Eg. BE to BE (DipEngPrac) – Course transfer (ICT) application Eg. Mechanical to Mechatronics – change of major (eRequest) Student Centre can assist

14 SPECIAL SUPPORT AND SERVICES Special Consideration – Student Centre – Special Assessment Conditions – Student Centre – Student Services Unit – –Orientation, UTS:HELPS, BUiLD, Global Exchange, In-Fusion Festival, Peer Networks, –Medical, counselors, financial advice, special needs, housing, careers & employment, chaplaincy.

15 TECHNICAL SUPPORT General IT assistance Phone: ext. 2222 For Faculty-provided IT system, including computing laboratories Phone: ext. 7922 (9:00am to 5:00pm - Mon to Fri)

16 International Office (Building 2, level 7) Beate Buckenmaier, Manager, International Industry Partnering Unit (Building 2, level 7) Internship positions, Graduate employment, Scholarships, Course development and review Learning & Design Centres Building 1 (level 25) and Building 2 (level 6) Drop-in – subject based learning resources, accessible to staff Women in Engineering & IT Located in Building 2, level 6, (inside LDC2)

17 ACADEMIC SUPPORT Problems within a subject Speak to your tutor Speak to your lecturer Speak to the Subject Coordinator Problems (or advice) within a course Speak to the Course Coordinator Speak with the Program Director

18 CONTACTING ACADEMIC STAFF Email Email address in the Student Guide, Subject outline and the UTS online Directory Emails received after working hours will only be attended to the following day Appointments Appointment can be made with Academics

19 KEY DATES FOR AUTUMN 2013 >Last day to enrol/add new subjects for Autumn Friday 8 th March 2013 >Last day to withdraw from subjects for Autumn Friday 28 th March 2013

20 COMMUNICATION Email – redirecting UTS email to other accounts Email – clearing inboxes UTS Online (specific subject) MyFEIT: dedicated website for Engineering and IT students Check your UTS email regularly!


22 CB01 - Tower CB02 – Main Engineering building CB10- Main IT building CB04 – Science CM05 – Haymarket Library Peer Network

23 Lab access for Engineering students Compulsory induction program Complete the WHS (OHS) Induction on UTS-Online (refer to ‘My Courses’ section) Get your pin number by visiting You should carry your Student ID card at all times.


25 General advice Ensure you are servicing your course; it’s not just about passing subjects – you need to take the responsibility. Investment ($, time, …). Be strategic (electives, internships, meeting pre-req’s …) Know who to ask or what to do BEFORE things go wrong. Get changes in writing! (assessment criteria/requirements, study plan…) We create learning environments to engage; how are you demonstrating the skills, knowledge, abilities, graduate attributes you are developing in the subject and course?

26 General advice Find the right balance – enjoy University - Study vs Work vs Life Cope with change, be resilient, have a recovery strategy. The University is a dynamic, non-linear environment. Take opportunities that are available, overseas exchange, BUiLD, scholarships, awards, competitions, volunteer… Remember – we are here to help you, but also remember the complexity of the University!

27 General advice UTS culture – academic expectations – how does this compare with your previous academic environment (local or international) Continuing study, returning to study, working + study + life…

28 UTS: Engineering Q & A

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