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1 Learning Management system Moiz Uddin Ahmed Assistant Professor Department of Computer cience.

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1 1 Learning Management system Moiz Uddin Ahmed Assistant Professor Department of Computer cience

2 2 Contents E-learning E-learning at AIOU Learning Management System What is Moodle Why Moodle Who uses Moodle Some important Features Conclusion

3 3 E-learning Different terms used to identify technology based education Computer based training, Technology based learning, Internet based learning Online learning E-learning encompasses all technology based educational activities.

4 4

5 E-learning… e-learning has been defined in several ways. Some definitions are closely linked with technological opportunities other are closer to pedagogical approach of learning mechanisms. 5

6 6 E-learning… According to Cisco e-learning is designed to enhance the capabilities of an entrepreneur to be able to provide satisfactory answers to the customers. The e-learning process comprises of knowledge, communication, education and skill.

7 E-learning… A group of Researchers at University of South Dakota focuses on the use of technology as means of learning. Its main idea is the use computers for computer assisted learning whether for a distance or face-to-face class environment 7

8 E-learning… A different interpretation of the use of technology is proposed by Brandon Hall and Alexa the Web Information Company They highlight e-learning as an instructional process that is delivered electronically 8

9 E-learning… Commonwealth Media Center encompasses different interpretations of e-learning and identified it as a process of teaching and learning through the use of Information and Communication Technology 9

10 E-learning at AIOU In Pakistan, e-learning is emerging in the education sector, AIOU has also emerged as one of the Mega Universities of the World To keep pace with technological advancements Department of Computer Science, AIOU initiated e-learning programs through ICT based education 10

11 E-learning at AIOU… Present e-learning progress can be divided into three phases; learning phase, practicing phase and development phase 11

12 E-learning at AIOU… During the learning phase two MCS level: Tutorial Session on MSN Messenger Two Face to Face meetings in a semester. Assignments and course materials delivery via Email. Midterm and Final Exams at DCS, AIOU in computer Lab 12

13 E-learning at AIOU… The practicing phase started in early 2003. An integrated initial version of LMS was developed and two MCS courses were conducted in online mode 13

14 E-learning at AIOU… With the successful experiences of previous phases, it was decided that a complete program may be launched in e-learning A PGD (Computer Science) one year diploma program was selected to be offered in online mode. This program is in progress in e-learning mode, as a continuation of the development phase. MOODLE was selected as the LMS 14

15 15 Learning Management system Learning Management System Important part of e-learning Namhann quote ”actual e-learning was evolved from LMS”

16 Learning Management System LMS is a high level system which facilities the process of e-learning. It provides An infrastructure for the delivery and management of learning contents. Communication mechanism Assessment Also tracks the learner’s performance 16

17 17 Learning Management System Open Source LMS Moodle A-Tutor Proprietary WebCT/Blackboard

18 What is Moodle:

19 Learning Management System F ree, open source collection of integrated tools customizable What is Moodle?

20 Creator: Martin Dougiamas, Perth, Western Australia 24.6 million registered users 2.3 million courses 1.9 million teachers 199 countries Available in more than 75 languages Fast growing since 2003 world facts (September 2008) world facts (September 2008) What is Moodle?

21 It runs on almost all platform, supporting a lot of useful function and customization, thanks to his modular structure. Why Moodle? It's free! ITIS Corni – Modena, Italy

22 It is used all over the world by teachers and educators and it's probably the best E-Learning tool in the net! Why Moodle? ITIS Corni – Modena, Italy

23 Teachers, Trainers, Instructors Registered Training Organizations (RTOs) Education based Special Interest Groups Thesis/Project teams, Professional Associations Universities, Tutors, Students Who uses Moodle?

24 as a platform as a platform that comes with a great set of bricks. Imagine Imagine Everseen or played with?

25 Folders Files Links Webpage Database LabelsPortfolio We can store…

26 Messaging We can communicate through… Forums Calendar Announcements Chatroom

27 Workshop We can collaborate through… Chatroom Blog Glossary Wiki Lesson Forum Social network*

28 Survey Assignment Activities Quiz Grade We can evaluate with…

29 What teachers can do with Moodle... create online tests and examinations upload files and lessons create online courses divide students into classes open forums chat sessions

30 What students can do with Moodle... follow the lessons take part into forums chat sessions upload their homework and test ITIS Corni – Modena, Italy

31 31 Features

32 Chat: you can talk about what you want in real time with classmate and professor.

33 33 Features

34 Forum: you can share what you want asynchronously

35 Features Calendar: if you're a professor, you can program lessons, tests and more. Students can consult this section as a reminder for future commitments.

36 Features Lesson: Moodle provides teacher many ways to set up their own lessons and courses and to keep them under control.

37 Features Wiki : collaboration is the key word of moodle, which has several functions to work in group.

38 Features Quizzes and Tests: there are many ways to evaluate the preparation of the students.. By conducting quiz and tests

39 Features...and more! Moodle has got really many functions! And they are all easily manageable, thanks to their modular structure!

40 Conclusion So... this is Moodle! Best choice for tutors and students With so many features Needs basic knowledge of Computers/Internet to operate Explore more Moodle features!

41 41 Thank you for participating in Moodle Basics

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