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Hazard Communication Chemical Safety.

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1 Hazard Communication Chemical Safety

2 Chemicals May cause: Respiratory problems Chemical burns Eye damage
Poisoning Explosion & Fires

3 Protecting Yourself Read the MSDS (material safety data sheet) to understand: The chemical It’s uses What protective equipment to use The proper emergency procedures to follow

4 Exposure Routes of Entry
Inhalation Skin contact Ingestion Injection

5 PPE Wear the proper respirator for vapors, mist & fumes
Wear eye protection at all times. Use a face shield AND goggles if there is any splash hazard

6 PPE Use the correct glove for the specific chemical – check gloves for rips, holes or tears before using Chemical resistant foot ware may be required for some jobs with chemicals such as acids or pesticides Use coveralls or aprons to protect your clothing and skin

7 PPE Know the limitations of your PPE
Make sure the PPE is appropriate to the job task When in doubt check with your supervisor

8 Safe Work Practices Read and understand the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) Keep the work area clean & orderly Use the necessary safety equipment Label every container Store incompatible chemicals in separate areas Substitute less toxic materials whenever possible

9 Safe Work Practices (con’t)
Limit the volume of volatile or flammable chemicals used Don’t pour chemicals down the drain Properly dispose of "empty" containers Report any spill immediately Don’t use a chemical unless you have been properly trained

10 Safe Work Practices (con’t)
Know the location and use of emergency eyewash and shower station Never mix chemicals unless you have an approved procedure Wash you hands and any affected areas after using chemicals Don’t store hazardous chemicals in glass containers

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