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Academic Assistance Center Dr. Judith Lynch, Director 101 Holton Hall

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1 Academic Assistance Center Dr. Judith Lynch, Director 101 Holton Hall

2 Academic Assistance Center Programs University Experience course PILOTS program Tutoring Resources

3 Free weekly sessions offered in most general subjects Evening sessions available in Accounting, Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Math, Physics, Spanish, and Statistics Peer tutors meet with groups of 4 - 5 students Students sign up in 101 Holton or 201 Leasure Limited tutoring available for summer courses [80% of requests are for math & science] Small group tutoring

4 Lafene Annex: Mon/Wed. 10:30 am – 3:20 pm (3 rd floor) Fri. 11:30 am – 5:20 pm 201 Leasure: Sun. 5:30 pm – 9:20 pm Writing Assistance Lafene Annex: Mon.–Thurs. 8:30 am – 5:20 pm (3 rd floor) Fri. 8:30 am – 4:20 pm 201 Leasure: Sun.–Thurs. 5:30 pm – 9:20 pm Math Courses through MATH 551 Walk-in tutoring

5 Supplemental Instruction Peer-assisted sessions provide regularly- scheduled, informal review of class material in a variety of courses such as the following: ANTH 200GEOG 100 ANTH 204PHYS 113 BIOL 198PSYCH 350 ECON 110STAT 325 ECON 120

6 Offers general orientation to K-State life Teaches study skills, campus resources, career decision making, academic planning, and personal/social issues Counts for K-State 8 in Ethical Reasoning & Responsibility Meets in lecture/recitation format for 2-3 credit hours Provides option for academic skills practice in targeted courses in which student is enrolling EDCEP 111 University Experience

7 University Experience – 3 cr. a 9-10 credit hr. package of courses University Experience course ANTH 204 BIOL 198 HIST 251 GEOG 100 GEOL 125 PSYCH 110 SOCIO 211 MATH 010 MATH 100 Course from Lab 1 list Lecture orients students to issues and services relevant to the K-State experience. Recitation introduces academic and personal skills that contribute to student success in college. Labs focus on specific study strategies to use in courses that students have in common. Lab 1 choices Lab 2 choices

8 Reserved Seats Seats are reserved for UE students in these courses P PSYCH 110, SOCIO 211, ANTH 204, HIST 251 Only students in AC13 student group have access to these reserved seats Class status will be marked with the Reserved Seating icon when no unreserved seats are available Reserved Open Closed Wait List R Students may be sent to 116 Bluemont to have University Experience added to their schedules

9 In iSIS, add student to Student Group AC13 for access to reserved seats and UE recitations Decide what two courses the student wants UE labs to help with Choose a UE recitation & lab that goes with one of the courses from the list provided Choose a lecture section from the list provided For help with a second course, choose a lab from the list provided Select 3 credit hours in iSIS if enrolling in 2 labs How to Enroll

10 University Experience for 2 credits Do NOT put student in AC13 student group Enroll in 2 credit recitation [AA, AB, AC, AD, BL, BM] and any lecture section Recitation and lecture sections only—no labs Do NOT put student in AC13 student group if unreserved seats are available in related course Enroll in 2 credit recitation [AA, AB, AC, AD, BL, BM], any lecture section, and appropriate lab section Recitation, lecture and ONE lab

11 PILOTS Program Rebeca Paz, Director, 101 Holton Hall

12 PILOTS is a Freshman Retention program to... ● Provide academic structure ● Encourage academic discipline & critical reasoning ● Offer individual attention ● Assist students in making a strong connection to the campus community

13 PILOTS has the advantage of... ● Smaller classes in social sciences (and College Algebra in the spring) for more individual attention ● On the spot tutoring in the PILOTS study lab ● Personalized advising throughout the semester ● A community within a community PILOTS courses have the SAME curriculum as non-PILOTS courses– they are not watered down

14 Freshmen benefit from PILOTS because they... ● Need better study skills and habits ● Need to improve organizational and time management skills ● Are not used to asking for help ● Don’t know how to get structured tutoring and guidance PILOTS provides STRUCTURE and teaches the SKILLS to be successful

15 SOCIAL SCIENCE Psychology 110 Sociology 211 History 251 Geography 100 MATH Math Review Int. Algebra College Algebra EDCEP 111 UNIVERSITY EXPERIENCE (3 cr.) PILOTS STUDY LAB (1 cr.) ------------------ or-------------- PUBLIC SPEAKING EXPOSITORY WRITING A typical PILOTS schedule (12-14 cr)

16 Enrolling Students in PILOTS ● PILOTS has spaces for up to 200 students ● PILOTS is recommended for students with an ACT composite of 21 or less ● PILOTS is especially appropriate for first generation and multicultural students ● Students who want PILOTS must enroll in 101 Holton with the PILOTS advisors


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