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Grantmakers as Catalysts for Change: Empowering Communities to Strengthen their Voice.

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1 Grantmakers as Catalysts for Change: Empowering Communities to Strengthen their Voice

2 The Community of Constituents Jack Hailey, GACI

3 “Can we all get along?” The California Collaborative

4 The Value of the Collaborative A terrific stakeholder vetting process. Helps me understand the dizzying change that is health care reform. … influence systems change … a voice for consumer's rights … focus on barriers, access, timelines, policies, and rights … a trusted and respected voice on policy and programs … … shapes the Legislature's thinking … … great for information … assists the state to think in new ways

5 A Vision for United Action 19 Regional Coalitions Northern California Gold Country Bay Area Central Valley Central Coast Los Angeles The O.C. San Diego “Inland Empire”

6 Regional Coalitions and the California Collaborative Consumers Providers Health Plans State and Federal Agencies

7 Methods (the budget covers…) Weekly statewide meetings Monthly regional calls Semi-annual conferences A website for the Collaborative Links to the “Community of Constituents” Promotes member activities A strategy to reach media

8 Accomplishments (what you get) Senior and disability groups together – ▪ A mission and principles Consensus formed Vision shared with decision makers A go-to stakeholder group Changes in statute and agency practice We’re in the same fox hole, we’d better band together.

9 A New Website for the California Collaborative Check out LTSS podcasts:

10 The Diverse Elders Coalition Bryan Pacheco, National Coordinator

11 OVERVIEW Our Shared Vision with Atlantic Philanthropies Who We Are What We Do Spotlight on State Advocacy

12 Follow Us (Tweet Now) Twitter: @diverseelders Facebook:

13 Our Commonalities Unite Us: National diverse aging organizations were advocating for similar solutions, yet not working together Together, We are Stronger: Our member organizations are experts in the distinctive needs of their communities and influential players in the federal advocacy arena Unusual Degree of Access: To underserved racial, ethnic and cultural communities in rural areas, cities and regions throughout the U.S. Our Shared Vision

14 Who We Are

15 What We Do Address the Profound Challenges facing Diverse Elders: This includes economic vulnerability, poor health and health care access, cultural and linguistic challenges, among others. Policy Reform. Increased Awareness of our Issues: This includes federal policy reform, state advocacy, community education and engagement, among others.

16 Support Outreach & Enrollment Efforts in 3 States; Build Capacity to Reach Older People of Color and LGBT Older People Create Educational Resources for Older Consumers Produce Policy Resources for Health & Aging Advocates about the Health Issues facing Diverse Elders Spotlight: State Specific Advocacy

17 Georgia Bhutanese Elders LGBT Elders New Mexico Native American Elders Florida Hispanic Elders Spotlight: State Specific Advocacy

18 Spotlight: Georgia Increasing Capacity of Grassroots Organizations: Providing much needed resources to underserved communities of color Connecting Unlikely Allies: Partnering LGBT aging and Bhutanese advocates to work across issues, find commonalities and improve the health of their communities

19 The California Senior Leaders Program Diana Carpenter-Madoshi Class of 2010 & Co-Chair of the California Senior Leaders Steering Committee

20 The Senior Leaders Story

21 A program is born  Founded in 2002, with funding from California Wellness Foundation. – Recognize outstanding senior volunteers in CA  Fall nominations/applications accepted  ~80 seniors nominated, 30 outstanding seniors are selected by a committee  Diversity represented across: geography, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, areas of interest, experience Commitment to healthy aging and social justice.

22 …Over 15 months  Awards & Recognition 3-day event – Training: Media Advocacy, Fundraising, Networking, Inspirational and Strategy Sharing Circles – Presentation of Award & $500 – Working groups led by Graduate Students Policy, Working with youth & families, Building Stronger Communities, Rural, Healthy Aging  Regional Summer Reunions  Technical support: Community building/health aging projects

23 Since then…  Cohorts in: 2005, 2007, 2010, 2012 – Over 100 seniors recognized  Incoming class of 2014

24 Results: Visibility and Empowerment “It feels good to see an organization honor seniors work they have been doing for years. It was an honor to be recognized with other seniors and elders...” “The event was a catalyst to come together and learn and to help each other. We are now a statewide network to assist each other.”

25 The California Senior Leaders Program  A means for sharing common bonds - a commitment to healthy aging, and a determination to help strengthen and work towards social justice in their communities.  A means to honor seniors for their invaluable contributions, celebrate the communities in which they live, and, by supporting them in this work, contribute to their own healthy aging as well.  A means for senior leaders to stay connected and share ideas with each other and with previous cohorts through regional reunions and the Senior Networker newsletter …..a movement was brewing

26 CSLA Mission Statement To promote, advocate for and contribute to the health and wellbeing of seniors, their families and communities statewide, through a diverse and grassroots coalition of California Senior Leaders. CSLA Priority Areas Economic Security Health Care Reform Transportation

27 CSLA goes to Sacramento for “CSLA Education and Advocacy Day” State Assembly Member Jim Beall

28 “I don’t think outside the box. I think outside the warehouse.” -Frank Rose Frank Rose (1938-2011)

29 Grantmakers as Catalysts for Change: Empowering Communities to Strengthen their Voice

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