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SAP BusinessObjects Net Margin Analysis rapid deployment solution

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1 SAP BusinessObjects Net Margin Analysis rapid deployment solution
Solution Details

2 Agenda Overview of SAP BusinessObjects Analytic Applications and Rapid Deployment Solutions Solution Overview Service Delivery Technical Details

3 SAP BusinessObjects Analytic Applications and SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions

4 Embracing a Data-Driven Approach to Business Enables Your Entire Organization to Perform to Its Potential To achieve remarkable results you need to know your business , decide with confidence and act boldly Know your business in construction…… Business analytics allows you to get better insight into resource productivity and project profitability and better understand how to manage and mitigate operational and financial risk. The next step is to have every person in your organization Decide with confidence: Deciding with confidence means that you are deciding based on aligned performance goals and according to a plan that will achieve success Deciding with confidence means you are deciding after you understand business impacts, leverage sophisticated but easy to use what if and predictive capabilities to predict future directions And finally, to decide with confidence you need to decide in light of risk and make decisions that that balance risks and opportunities. This means having access to the risk information as well as the potential growth opportunities, and easily compare them. [EPM, eGRC, Streamwork ] And finally you need to always act boldly – In order to act boldly, you need to have the capability to Respond instantly to events as they unfold – so the moment something happens you know and can respond instantly when there has been a X, Y or Z, etc… To act boldly you must collaborate with your team and network and all of you take coordinated action on the best decision - decide the most efficient way to ……... And finally, have the capability to learn from past actions and other best practices, constantly monitor risk levels adapt business operations accordingly See 360-degree view of your customer Understand real-time project profitability Know financial and operational performance Define, plan and align on performance goals and metrics Make more informed portfolio decisions Establish new revenue streams with complete lifecycle services Managing and mitigating operations and financial risk, Optimize bid process to improve win-rates Cut costs to improve operational efficiency

5 SAP BusinessObjects Net Margin Analysis
SAP Analytic Applications Addressing the Needs of Business Users within Your Existing IT Environment Business User Actionable Insight Industry Best Practices Competitive Advantage Showcases business function Save money, move quicker Rapid-Time- Value to Maximize Business Impact SAP BusinessObjects Analytic Application IT Extensible architecture Complements existing IT infrastructure Drives standardization Repurpose scarce resources Save money, move quicker Architecturally designed to work in your existing SAP IT infrastructure and be flexible enough to work with non- SAP applications SAP BusinessObjects Net Margin Analysis

6 SAP BusinessObjects Analytic Applications
Purpose-built solutions Role-specific content, metrics, reports, and dashboards Documentation delivered to help the business user as well as the IT administration User, Administration and Installation Guides Co-innovated with leading customer organizations

7 What are the Benefits of SAP BusinessObjects Analytic Applications?
Rapid time to value Reduce development time Reduce implementation time to as little as13 weeks Free up internal technical resources Best practice adoption Use proven approaches for faster ROI Enhanced adoption by business for improved productivity Extend existing customer SAP architecture to protect existing investments Fully supported by SAP Reduce headcount, maintaining projects Production quality to reduce risk

8 SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions
SAP and a Global Partner Ecosystem offer Rapid Deployment solutions to meet specific business needs… Software Quickly address the most urgent business processes Content SAP best practices, templates and tools make solution adoption easier Enablement Guides and educational material speed end user adoption Service Fixed scope and price provides maximum predictability and lowers risk SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions Service Software Enablement Content Rapid Deployment Solutions

9 SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions
… which allow predictability, out-of-the-box integration and adoption choices as business demands Predictability Fast value in days/weeks Fixed cost and fixed best practice scope Integration Integrated start and growth options Immediate and future IT and business processes landscape integrity Choice Modular packages to meet specific business needs and allow individual adoption paths Flexible licensing and deployment options SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions

10 Delivered by SAP or qualified partners
Large Global Partner Ecosystem maximizes availability of and choice within the Rapid Deployment Solutions portfolio System integrators and value-added resellers provide industry and LoB specific capabilities and expertise Cloud partners provide the deployment options to match your business needs

11 Get the most out of your business – NOW!
Quickly meeting your most pressing business needs on unprecedented predictability to adopt and manage business solutions Enabling strategic business adoption paths with out-of-the-box integration for start and grow options as your business demands Giving choice by providing a modular and well defined portfolio of solution options together with a Global Partner Ecosystem

12 Overview of the Solution

13 Get started with SAP BusinessObjects Net Margin Analysis rapid-deployment solution quickly and affordably Do you have problems with … identifying which customers and products are destroying your profit? determining which process costs can be reduced? analyzing profitability impacts consistently across your organization? rebalancing product mix to achieve higher profitability? There is a solution The SAP BusinessObjects Net Margin Analysis rapid-deployment solution provides sophisticated profitability analytic capabilities to improve profitability.

14 Successfully deploy in as little as 13 weeks
Business Benefits SAP BusinessObjects Net Margin Analysis rapid-deployment solution helps you to… Manage and reduce process costs Identify areas where the cost to serve is high and ways to reduce it Segment your customers, products, sales territory, sales channel based on the impact they have on profitability Model process cost reductions and understand the value to the bottom line Identify the amount of monthly revenue that is “left on the table” due to customers with net margin below the customer segment average Connect to SAP Profitability Cost Management and visualize profitability Create lists of customers and products that require attention to reduce costs to serve and improve profitability What’s Included Pre-configured functionality, ready to use Pre-built dashboards (9) and reports (13) ETL mappings between SAP BusinessObjects Profitability and Cost Management and SAP BusinessObjects Net Margin Analysis Template for data extraction from SAP CO-PA Accelerator to SAP BusinessObjects Net Margin Analysis Data model

15 Net Profitability Summary Analysis Dashboard
The Net Profitability Summary Dashboard gives the user an immediate view of profitability at the company level with the capability to drill down to other dimensions.

16 Customer Segment Analysis Dashboard
The Customer Segment Analysis Dashboard is where the user begins to analyze profitability at a lower dimensional level, in this case, customer segment. Other choices include Product, Service, and Sales. The whalebone graph clearly displays where profit erosion is occurring and the Top 10/Bottom 10 provides an actionable list to improve profitability.

17 Operational Cost Analysis Dashboard
The Operational Dashboard helps the user manage process costs by highlight anomalies with a negative impact on profit. Once an area is identified, the user can select it for further exploration in a detail view which provides insight to customers and products with process costs that are lower than the company norm and require attention.

18 What If Dashboard The What If Dashboard gives the user an opportunity to model changes to costs and see the impact.

19 Call to Action Dashboard
The Call to Action Dashboard segments customers into four quadrants. The user can select a customer and begin modeling that customer compared to the best customer and see areas to improve and the financial impact of doing so.

20 Register all Opportunities in CRM@SAP Get Support for Your Deal
Launch SAP Create an opportunity Enter Product ID  Product ID Product Stack SAP BusinessObjects Net Margin Analysis SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.0 SAP BusinessObjects Data Services

21 RDS Bundling – Need to Distinguish Marketing vs
RDS Bundling – Need to Distinguish Marketing vs. Price-list/Contracting View > Bundling must be considered across two levels of marketing/communication and legal/contracting view While complete bundling is possible and desirable for simple and effective communication… …the least complex option for all practical/operational purposes (price-list/legal/contracting) is to split SW and Service Content will be included with the software or service, depending on whether it is basic (non-monetizable) or premium (monetizable) – see previous pages Maintenance* Pre-configuration content Software Services Enablement content Marketing/Communication Software incl. Pre-configuration content Maintenance* Enablement content Services Pricelist- and Legal/Contracting For simple, and effective communication, one price for entire RDS can be calculated This view should be used, whenever possible to effectively convey the ease of consumption and avoid “unbundling” Some disclaimers may be required Approach two key scenarios of shelf ware and partner delivery Premium content will be bundled with service offering, so that it can be more easily and consistently monetized vis-à-vis customer, either directly or by charging partners * Maintenance cannot be bundled/integrated in case of up-front pricing. Subscription case under investigation

22 Service Delivery

23 Go live in as little as 13 weeks
Start 2 Deploy 3 Run Expectations Project management Kick-off workshop participation Preparing technical infrastructure Mutually-approved scope document Working SAP system Implementation Testing Key User Training Successful rollout and adoption Configuration documentation User-acceptance testing Onsite and remote support Superior support to ensure smooth functioning Results Note: This slide represents a typical deployment. Exact details may differ according to solution.

24 Engineered Services for Rapid Deployment Solutions
Your path to Go-Live: fast, efficiently and at predictable cost Fixed-price Implementation Services Pre-defined Project Methodology Ready-to-use Accelerators 1 Start 2 Deploy Run 3 Prepare project Do Kick-off workshop Select options Check installation Accelerators / Deliverables Consulting Delivery Guide Project schedule WBS Service Delivery Model, roles and responsibilities Request for consultants template Process descriptions Process-flow-documents Kick-off presentation Consumption Guide Pre-delivery requirements and checklist Activate solution / confirm activation Implement options Train key users Switch to Quality Set up customer data Test Solution Switch to Production Accelerators / Deliverables Installation guide Solution Documentation Solution Manager content Best-Practices content (pre-configuration) Configuration activities Consulting Delivery Guide Test cases Performance Tests Prepare end user training Hand over solution Go-Live Post go-live support and activities Accelerators / Deliverables Deliverable acceptance forms Training Materials – Process-flow recordings etc. Go-Live Checklist Note: This slide represents a typical deployment. Exact details may differ according to solution.

25 Implementation methodology
1 Start Deploy 2 3 Run Configuration Guide Kickoff Workshop Project Schedule Scoping Questionnaire Check Lists Support Portal Note: This slide represents a typical deployment. Exact details may differ according to solution.

26 Project plan and timelines
1 Start 2 Deploy Run 3 Prepare Project Kick off workshop Select Options Check Installation Activate Solution Confirm Solution Acceptance Testing Train Key Users Set up Customer Data Transport End-user Training and Organization Change Management Project Sign-off & Support SAP involvement Customer involvement Note: This slide represents a typical deployment. Exact details may differ according to solution. 26

27 Go Live in Weeks What’s Included – Service Scope
SAP will deliver the following: Review your existing production planning process. Hold a scoping workshop to understand your detailed requirements and finalize the detailed scope of the project together with you. Maintain the configuration of the designed solution together with a detailed documentation of the implementation. Make extensions in SAP ERP as well as configure the core interface (CIF) to connect the planning board to your existing production planning system. A special step-by-step guide describes each activity during the deployment

28 Key deliverables SAP is responsible for the following activities:
Installation check Initial scoping workshop to confirm predefined requirements Project documents: Work breakdown structure, including a project schedule, scope document, test scripts, and scoping questionnaire Activation and unit test of solution for the rapid deployment of SAP BusinessObjects Net Margin Analysis in the development system Knowledge transfer to key users on configured rapid deployment of SAP BusinessObjects Net Margin Analysis Support for going live The customer is responsible for the following activities: Provide the IT infrastructure (server) Productive use of ECC 6.0 Enhancement Package 5, on the development, quality assurance, and production environments Rework that may be required in ECC, CO-PA or PCM to put the master data into structures compatible with this RDS Provide SAP team with remote access to systems Provide designated contact people in the business and IT departments Conduct end-user training and change management Conduct performance and integration testing Conduct data migration and cleansing Transport to quality assurance and production Post go-live support

29 Project team: SAP SAP Project Lead
Serves as a central contact person, from project initiation to going live and support On the SAP side, responsible for functional project management, coordination, support and coaching of the customer’s project manager SAP Consultants - SAP ERP CO-PA / PCM, SBO Data Services and BI Technology Consultants Responsible for technical and functional implementation of the agreed upon scope of the rapid deployment of SAP BusinessObjects Net Margin Analysis solution Particularly responsible for monitoring of implemented scenarios, and know-how transfer Responsible for analyzing and validating the system landscape / architecture setup

30 Project team: Customer
Leading Project Manager Serves as a central contact person, from project initiation to going live and support On your side: responsible for functional and commercial project management, coordination, overall project controlling and preparation of steering committees Basis staff Especially responsible for the installation and administration of the development and productive system landscapes IT Functional Lead and Business SME (Key Users, Testers and End users) Responsible for workshops, questions from SAP, end-user training, and possibly as a power user for simple configurations IT Technical Lead Responsible for technical aspects of project

31 Technical Details

32 What You Need to Have and What You Will Get
Software Pre-Requisites Financial Information PCM or another cost allocation application SAP ERP 4.6C CO-PA or similar Business Anlaytics SAP BusinessObjects business intelligence suite SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (BI) platform* SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards* SAP BusinessObjects Explorer* SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence* (* Level 4.0 Service Pack 2 Patch 8) SAP BusinessObjects Data Services 4.0 Service Pack 2 Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Net Margin Analysis Dashboards Net Profitability Summary Analysis Customer Segment Analysis Product Category Analysis Sales Territory Analysis Sales Channel Analysis Service Category Analysis Operational Cost Analysis What If Call to Action Infospaces Customer Customer Segment Product Category Product Sales Territory Reports P&L Analysis Corporate P&L Benchmark Analysis Customer Segment P&L Benchmark Analysis Product Classification P&L Benchmark Analysis Distribution Channel P&L Benchmark Analysis Product Customer Profile Customer Ranking Customer Segment Insight Distribution Channel Insight Product Category Insight Sales Channel Insight Sales Organization Insight Sales Performance Index Insight Service Category Insight Subpar Customer Performance

33 System Requirements SOFTWARE
SAP BusinessObjects business intelligence suite SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (BI) platform* SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards* SAP BusinessObjects Explorer* SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence* (* Level 4.0 Service Pack 2 Patch 8) SAP BusinessObjects Data Services 4.0 Service Pack 2 Microsoft SQL Server 2008 OPTIONAL SOFTWARE SAP BusinessObjects Profitability and Cost Management 10.0 SAP ERP 4.6C CLIENT MACHINES Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 SP2 or Mozilla Firefox 2.0 and above Adobe Flash Player and above HARDWARE See Product Availability Matrix for SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards OPERATING SYSTEM See Product Availability Matrix: DATABASE

34 SAP BusinessObjects Net Margin Analysis 1.0 Solution Architecture
SAP ERP* Source Systems Presentation Layer SAP BO BI 4.0 CO-PA application financials Dash-boards Analysis Explorer Hierarchies Direct Costs Revenue, Discounts, COGS Other Key Dimensions Staging and Data Layer SAP BusinessObjects Profitability and Cost Management* SAP BO DS 4.0 Net Margin Analysis RDBMS Allocated Costs Detailed Cost Information Data Services (ETL) Project Direct and Indirect Costs NMA model Non-SAP Data *SAP ERP CO-PA and PCM connectors provided

35 SAP Rapid-Deployment solutions The fastest way to run your business better
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