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Nuremberg Trials By: Gabrielle.

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1 Nuremberg Trials By: Gabrielle

2 Timeline Nuremberg Germany 1945-1946
4 Major Countries- Great Britain France, U.S. and Russia 22 Major Criminals with 12 put to death, 10 put in prison for lengthy terms


4 Nazi Some Nazis fled the country before they had their trial
Some killed their selves before their trial

5 Hitler Hitler killed himself on April 30th 1945, in a sewer in Berlin Germany He didn’t want Germany to capture him and put him up for trial

6 Nazi 37 more Nazis were put to trial
Survivors of the holocaust hunted Nazis who fled to the U.S.

7 4 Trials 1) Crimes against peace 2) War Crimes 3) Crimes against Humanity 4) Conspiracy to commit any of these crimes

8 Nazi Defendants Hermann Wilhelm Goering Rudolf Hess
Martin Bormann (tried in absentia) Joachim von Ribbentrop Robert Ley Wilhelm Keitel Ernst Kaltenbrunner Alfred Rosenberg Hans Frank Julius Streicher Walter Funk Hjalmar Schact Karl Doenitz Erich Raeder Baldur von Shirach Constantin von Neurath Hans Fritzsche Fritz Sauckel Alfred Jodl Franz von Papen Arthur Seyss-Inquart Albert Speer Gustav Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach Wilhelm Frick

9 Sources
Holocaust Chronicle Book

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