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Islam’s Impact on Europe

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1 Islam’s Impact on Europe

2 Caliphates – Causes Arab soldiers committed to the promise of plunder unified around Islam and conquered territory from Spain to India across North Africa, Arabia and Anatolia Weak Sassanid and Byzantine Empires made conquest easier Followers were attracted to ideas of equality among believers and familiar with monotheism from Jewish and Christian traditions

3 Effects Caliphate’s introduced bureaucratic structure and established first Muslim Empire Arabs, Persians and other groups unified politically and culturally as Muslims Trade flourished, as merchants agreed on a common set of Muslim business dealings Intellectual development led to algebra, preservation of Classical texts especially those of the Greeks Mosques, hospitals, schools, orphanages and the House of Wisdom were built Islam spread via trade routes to West Africa and to Southeast via the Indian Ocean to Central Asia and China via the Silk Routes

4 Political Battle of Tours in 732AD stopped the Muslim advance into Europe and left only Spain in Muslim control. In 1096 Western Christians marched through the Byzantine Empire to take back the Holy Land from the Muslims. This conflict brought about the end of the feudal system in Western Europe.

5 Economic Increased interaction with the Islamic Empire during the Crusades led to a revival of European trade with Asia. This trade led to a rise in the economic prosperity of Western Europe

6 Geographic Islam spread into Africa, Asia, and Spain because of common language

7 Social Increased interaction with the Islamic Empire as a result of the Crusades opened Europeans up to new knowledge of science, medicine, and technology from the Muslims. Cordoba Spain was a cultural hub of the Islamic Empire in Europe. Europeans adopted Indian numerals from the Muslims

8 Religion Interaction Before Muslim control, Jews ostracized
Spain = center of Muslim control with lots of Jews Under Muslim control, Cordoba becomes Western Europe’s biggest city Muslim practice of tolerance = everyone treated well Muslims don’t pay taxes Jews and Christians pay taxes Jewish bankers charge interest for loans and extend credit for businesses Reconquista – Christians try to recapture Spain Successful under Ferdinand and Isabella

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