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Romantic Art.

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1 Romantic Art

2 Characteristics Great diversity Subjects Contemporary events
Literature Nature History Exotic places

3 New Way of Seeing the World
Personal Feeling Imagination Nature and Natural Landscape Hero & Heroism National struggles for independence

4 Neoclassical

5 Romantic Techniques Irregularity Irrationality Model form by color
Deliberate brushstrokes Exaggeration Emphasis on individuality

6 Precursors to the Romantic Movement

7 David, Napoleon Crossing the Great Saint Bernard Pass, 1800, Romantic

8 David examples Other art by David

9 Antoine Jean Gros 1771-1835 David’s student
Napoleon’s official battle painter “Glamorous Lies”

10 Gros, Napoleon Visiting the Plague Victims at Jaffa

11 New Romantic Work

12 Francisco Goya 1746-1828 “Father of Modern Art”
Worked for over 60 years Personal emotion in work Napoleon invades Spain – work changes

13 Goya, Third of May 1808, Romantic, 1814

14 Disasters of War

15 Disasters of War I saw this - title

16 Theodore Géricault 1791-1824 Fashionable dandy
Colorful, energetic pieces Wide range of subject matter Inspiration Horses Clinically insane

17 Gericault , The Raft of the Medusa, Romantic, 1814

18 19th Century Nationalism
Definition of nationalism again Curiosity Exotic Subjects Invasion of Egypt in Two ways of looking

19 Classicism & Color Ingres’ followers – classical ideal & sense of reason Delacroix’s followers – progressive style & color in art & appeals to emotion

20 Ingres

21 Eugene Delacroix 1798-1863 Color & emotion Similar to Byron
Imagination Dramatic Narrative Exotic subjects

22 Death of Sardanapalus

23 Delacroix, Liberty Leading the People, Romantic, 1830

24 Nike of Samothrace & Liberty

25 Comparison

26 Liberty Leading the People

27 Romantic Landscapes Man verses nature Industrial Revolution
Two ways of interacting with nature Violent and destroys Idealized and cherished

28 Joseph Mallord William Turner
Eccentric personality Fierce quality of man vs. nature Abstract & Impressionistic Based on actual events

29 Turner, The Slave Ship, Romantic, 1840

30 Caspar David Friedrich
Symbolic landscape Religious mysticism “gothic gloom”

31 Friedrich , Two Men Gazing at the Moon, Romantic, 1819-1820

32 Thomas Cole 1801-1848 Emigrated to America
Elevated moral tone in his landscape paintings Hudson River School

33 Cole, The Oxbow, Hudson River School, 1836

34 Sculpture

35 Bartholdi, Statue of Liberty, 1884

36 Rude, The Departure of the Volunteers, 1792

37 Edmonia Lewis 1840s-1890s African American and Native American descent
Ex-patriot Does all the work herself

38 Lewis, Forever Free, Romantic, 1847

39 England

40 Alfred Lord Tennyson 1802-1892 Poet Laureate Idylls of the King, 1859
Story of King Arthur

41 Pre-Raphaelites 1848 Dante Gabriel Rossetti, John Everett Millais, William Holman Hunt Based on a real model

42 Pre-Raphaelites Generally brighter paintings “Truth to nature”
Significant subjects Medieval tales Religion Poetry

43 Rossetti

44 Millais

45 William Holman Hunt

46 19th Century Architecture
Looks to the past Neoclassical no longer appeals to everyone Medieval World Nation’s historical & cultural past

47 Charles Barry and AWN Pugin, The British Houses of Parliament, 1840-60, Neo-Medievalism/Gothic

48 Nash, The Royal Pavilion, Brighton, 1815, Exotic

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