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2 Blended Lab:  Blended Virtual Learning – A mixture of both synchronous and asynchronous learning, where the student accesses most of the course content in a virtual classroom/lab during school hours.  Somerset Virtual/Mater Virtual Blended Labs are a great opportunity to provide engaging, online curriculum to students while at school.  Communication with your SVA/MVA Teacher is extremely important and necessary.

3 Various Roles in the Blended Lab:  ACADEMIC COACH  You will report participation on a bi-quarterly basis to virtual teachers associated with your students (essentially once a month).  Attendance to Academic Coach virtual meetings are Mandatory in order to share best practices and maintain effectively informed of updates and training.  TEACHER  The virtual teacher, academic coach & mentor teachers will provide help links, recordings, live sessions, and many more tools to help students complete their assignments; including face-to-face visits.

4 Academic Helpdesk Specialist:

5 What is an AHD Specialist?  Academic Helpdesk Specialist (AHD) tutor students in the content area needed.  Respond to students’ content questions  Math problems  Writing issues (editing, revising, generating thesis)  Homework assignments (projects, reports, etc.)  Troubleshoot technical/computer issues (Level 1)  Uploading or accessing assignments  Accessing software  Generating documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)

6 AHD Additional Responsibilities:  Assist Virtual Teachers & Students with Live Sessions & chats via Blackboard Live  Edmodo Groups  Communicate via email chat

7 Parent/Guardian Expectations:  PARENTS  Student and Parent/Guardian can check grades at any time in Maestro. Credentials are emailed to your email once the students registers.  Parent/Guardians will receive automated weekly/monthly progress reports from their virtual teachers.  Continuously monitor student’s progress.  Be available for instructor’s calls.  Sign and return Student/Parent handbook signature page 13 & Student Information Form to school to the Academic Coach.

8 Student Expectations:  STUDENTS  Student collaboration is encouraged, however each student is responsible for their own work and grades.  Student is expected to work daily or at least every time he/she is in the lab.  Student is expected to take notes and has the opportunity to resubmit assignments to improve their grade.  A mandatory monthly call will take place between Parent/Guardian, Student, and Teacher.

9 More Student Expectations:  Student is expected to check their email, BrainHoney announcements and dashboard daily.  Students should inform teachers/academic coach of contact information changes within 48 hours.  Students are responsible for work when they are absent from school.  Students are expected to attend live lessons or view the recordings of the live lessons (sessions).

10 SVA/MVA Promise….  Students will NOT just be sitting idly in the lab waiting to begin  They will be given access to tutorials, introductions, and self-assessments to guide their academic learning throughout the year (Student Orientation Course).  Official academic work will begin on Monday, August 26th after students have completed the orientation and are ready to begin their coursework.

11 Course Information:  Student should complete a minimum of 3-5 assignments per week depending on the course and pacing schedule set by the teacher.  At the end of each module, students are expected to complete a Discussion Based Assessment (DBA) with their teacher and/or a Live Session.  Student should only use the course website and other supplemental websites approved by the teacher, not (Google, Yahoo answers, etc.)

12 Ave Programs:  In order to more fully engage and hold your blended lab students accountable, SVA/MVA offers a handful of Programs:  AVE Amici “Pen Pal Program” w/Intl Students  House Affiliations (Greek themed) Students will be enrolled in "House" for creation of camaraderie and community as well as motivation through healthy competition.  Leadership Opportunities to tutor our Dual Diploma International Students  Peer Learning Groups “Peer Tutors” Live Sessions  Academic Helpdesk Online Tutors  Student of the Month Elected by School Administration/AC

13 By: Academica Virtual Education Orientation to your Virtual Course

14 BrainHoney (LMS) Training

15 Academic Integrity & Plagiarism Plagiarism is copying or using ideas or words (from another person, an online classmate, or an internet or print source) and presenting them as your own.

16 Netiquette & Cyberbullying:  Student collaboration is encouraged, however each student is responsible for their own work and grades.  Please be aware that all SVA/MVA Teachers utilize a myriad of technologies, such as PlagScan, to check student work for authenticity.

17 Student Information Systems (SIS) MAESTRO

18 Helpful Videos:  Brainhoney  dents&oq=brainhoney+tutorials+for+students&gs_l=youtube.3...11019.13786.0.1 dents&oq=brainhoney+tutorials+for+students&gs_l=youtube.3...11019.13786.0.1  Edmodo – an educational social collaboration site to interact with your teacher and fellow students.   Dropbox – save your files for free virtually. 

19 Questions??? 19

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