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1 Measurements

2 Systems of measurement
English system is a measurement system used by the United States. Length is measured in: Inches Feet Miles Volume is measured in: Gallons Mass is measured in: Ounces Pounds

3 Metric System Metric System is a measurement system used all around the world. It is also the system of measurement used by scientist. The metric system is referred as the International System of Units, SI for short.

4 Base units Meter - Measures length. Liter - measures volume.
gram- measures mass.

5 Prefix A prefix is a type of affix attached to a stem which modifies the meaning of that stem. The prefix in the SI units are: Kilo Hecto Deca Deci Centi Milli

6 King Henry died drinking chocolate milk
A good way of remembering the different prefix for the SI units is by remembering this: King Henry Died Always remember the Drinking Base unit goes in the Chocolate middle. Milk

7 Measuring Length The base unit to measure length is Meter.
Millimeters ml Centimeters cm Decimeters dm Meters m Decameters dkm Hectometers hm Kilometers km

8 Measuring Volume The base unit of volume is liter. The most common prefix used in the measurement of volume are the following: Milliliter mL Liter l Decaliter dkl Kiloliter Kl

9 Measuring Mass The unit to measure mass is the gram. The most common prefix used to measure mass are the following: Milligram mg Gram g Kilogram kg

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