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Asia Pacific Regional Update Dublin, Ireland 22 October 2013 Nilar Chan.

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1 Asia Pacific Regional Update Dublin, Ireland 22 October 2013 Nilar Chan

2 Board Members Nilar Chan, Wanchai, Hong Kong (Chair) Manu Chadha, New Delhi, India Jason Croston, Brisbane, Australia Ramchand Jagtiani, Singapore Sunny Ma, Shanghai, China Chang Zih-Sheng, Taichung, Taiwan Stephen Roger, Sydney, Australia Executive Director 2

3 New members since last WW meeting -Shanghai JaHwa CPAs (Shanghai, China) -Advantage Advisors (Melbourne, Australia) -Jinghua CPAs (Beijing, China) 3

4 Membership 24 Firms 55 Offices in 13 Countries  Partners: 155  Professional Staff: 1,519  Administrative Staff: 192 4

5 NEPAL INDIA PAKISTAN CHINA KOREA JAPAN AUSTRALIA NEW ZEALAND INDONESIA MALAYSIA SINGAPORE TAIWAN IslamabadLahore Karachi New Delhi Kolkata Mumbai Bangalore Hyderabad Ahmadabad Pune Kathmandu Kuala Lumpur Jakarta Penang Perth Adelaide Melbourne Sydney Brisbane Auckland Wellington Tokyo Seoul Taequ Shanghai Hong Kong Choibalsan Chengdu Taipei Taichung VIETNAM Beijing Kyungki Guangzhou MacaoShenzhen Hanoi DaNang Singapore SonLa Membership 5 Bunbury

6 Target Members We would also like greater representation in… India China Bangladesh Cambodia Philippines Sri Lanka Thailand 6

7 Committees Regional Standards Committee Jason Croston, Brisbane, Australia (Chairman) Tim Partridge, Bunbury, Australia Nick Self, Auckland, New Zealand Keith So, Hong Kong, China 7

8 Committees Regional Standards Committee  Continues to issue quarterly Audit & Accounting updates, which receive much positive feedback.  Developed a database of key quality control contacts.  Conducted a survey to gather information of the training needs in the region.  Welcomes any opportunity to support the Regional Board through any duties or projects. 8

9 Committees Regional Tax Committee Shane Browning, Wellington, New Zealand (Chairman) Ali, Jakarta, Indonesia Scott Arnold, Sydney, Australia Ramchand Jagtiani, Singapore 9

10 Committees Regional Tax Committee  Those countries not already included in the BKR International ‘Corporate Tax Comparisons from across the World’ are encouraged to participate. Those countries that are included are asked to review their information and notify BKR International on a quarterly basis with any changes.  Providing non-Asia Pacific member firms with contacts in the region. List of international tax contacts is constantly updated and has proved useful in this regard.  Assisting member firms to promote international tax credentials through their involvement in BKR International continues to be an important role of the committee, as it is with ITC and BKR International. 10

11 Marketing  Client newsletters.  Promoting and aiding in setting up regional sub-groups.  Providing assistance to firms by introducing IFRS and areas of compliance.  Meeting with current member firms who have connections to potential member firms. 11

12 Leveraging Your BKR Membership Services & Benefits Available:  Resources in other jurisdictions.  Resources in specialties and niches.  Marketing  Conferences  Specialty groups  Websites  Leadership Institute  Referrals Conferences:  How do you benefit?  What can you do to take home more?  Practice management ideas.  Relationships with members with potential business opportunities.  Professional development. 12

13 Leveraging Your BKR Membership Websites:    The above websites contain a massive amount of information on the services and benefits BKR can provide. Other Services & Benefits:  Develop personal friendships.  Member Request system.  Quarterly newsletters and updates.  IFRS training sessions out of Australia.  Travel around the world. 13

14  Maximise cross referral opportunity.  Acknowledge within one working day.  Communicate issues.  Unable to assist? Recommend another resource!  If there are any problems, please contact Referrals 14

15 Regional Sub Groups Australia New Zealand (Continues to work well and is effective with continuing contact between staff of the various firms, and not just partners/directors.) Singapore Indonesia Malaysia (Peter Chong and other representatives have liaised.) ChinaHong KongTaiwan (Board will review after 2 more China member firms join.) 15

16 Asia Pacific Website 16

17 Asia Pacific Website 17

18 Istanbul 2014: 2-5 May 18

19 Many Thanks to  The Worldwide Board  Regional and International Committee Chairs and Boards  Executive Director and Office  Regional Executive Directors 19


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