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Metropolitan Area Network June 13, 2006 Presented by: Tim Ryan Network Manager

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1 Metropolitan Area Network June 13, 2006 Presented by: Tim Ryan Network Manager

2 City College of San Francisco Technology Overview Information Technology Environment: –5,000 Desktop Computers –200 Switches and Routers –Wireless LAN Access on Multiple Campuses –Alcatel Voice over IP Telephone System, Approximately 2,000 Phones –PictureTel VideoConferencing Systems Using Video over IP –100Mbps Internet Access –1000Mbps Internet2 Access –Fiber-Based Metro Area Network Seven Campuses Currently Connected Two Additional Pending Construction (Mission, Chinatown) 1000Mbps Shared Intercampus Network Additional Capacity Available for Future Growth

3 Metro Area Network Goals: –Connect All Major Campuses With Fiber-Optic Infrastructure –Provide Scalability for Future Growth with Easily Maintained Components –Ensure Compatibility with Other Colleges and Universities Completed Feasibility Study in 2002 Hired Optical Networking Consultant in 2003: Photisis Consulting Selected Core Technology: Gigabit Ethernet Documented Existing San Francisco Commercial Fiber Plant Issued Commercial RFP for Fiber Installation and Lease Determined Municipal Partnership was a Preferred Solution Established Fiber Routing and Technical Criteria Received Funding Approval from Board of Trustees ($3.5M) –See Archives:June 2004:Resolution Finalized Partnership Contract with City & County of San Francisco –Department of Telecommunications and Information Services (DTIS) Metro Area Network Initiative

4 CENIC: Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in California A Not-For-Profit Corporation Serving: –University of California (9 Campuses) –California State University (23 Campuses) –California Community Colleges (109 Campuses) –Cal Tech, USC, Stanford –Statewide K-12 System Coordinate Development, Deployment and Operation of Network Services –See –Then Network:Network Operations:Usage Graphs:Utilization Developed State-Wide Optical Network Architecture Provided a Model for City College Network Architecture Presented Honorable Mention Award to City College in 2003 City College & CENIC Partnership

5 City College Internet Usage Graph

6 Metro Area Network - Physical Fiber Path

7 Production Ring Design

8 Production Ring – Projected Optical Link Loss

9 Internet Ring Design

10 Internet Ring – Projected Optical Link Loss

11 Ethernet Equipment Details HP ProCurve Switch xl Mini-GBIC Module HP ProCurve Gigabit-LX-LC Mini-GBIC HP ProCurve Networking Switch 5304xl

12 Ethernet Equipment Parts List ComponentPart Number QuantityCost ProCurve Switch 5304xlJ4850A8$9,328 ProCurve Mini-GBIC ModuleJ4878A19$14,383 ProCurve SX Mini-GBICJ4858A44$12,276 ProCurve LX Mini-GBICJ4859A20$12,340 ProCurve LH Mini-GBICJ4860A2$6,648 Total Estimated Cost$54,975

13 Transport Internet Access to/from CENIC Communications Hub Carry Internal Voice-over-IP Telephone Traffic Between Campuses Enable Distance Learning Between Campuses and Colleges Provide Video-on-Demand Services to Classrooms Provide Increased Bandwidth for Online Courses Enable Scalability to Meet Future Communication Needs Provide Predictability and Control Over Cost of Communication Services Maintain Infrastructure With Existing Engineering Staff and Skill Sets Achieve Significant Cost Savings Versus Leased Services –Approximately $1 Million Over 20-Year Period Metro Area Network Applications & Benefits

14 Provide Hands-On Learning Environment For Computer Networking Department –Dedicate Fiber Strands for Student Experimentation and Testing Expand Cisco Academy to Include Optical Networking Provide Metro-Area Connectivity to Local Non-Profit Organizations Provide Test Environment for Communications Equipment Vendors Provide Test Environment for Metro Area Service Providers Apply Techniques and Procedures Developed by National LambdaRail Apply Standards Developed by Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) Distribute Project Findings and Test Results via Forums Such as IEEE –“A Cooperative Academic and Municipal Metro Area Network” April, 2004 References: –“Metro Ethernet” by Sam Halabi, Cisco Press –“Ethernet-Based Metro Area Networks” by Daniel Minoli, McGraw-Hill Metro Area Network Academic & Industry Cooperation

15 Metro Area Network Layer 2 Operational Details Ring Design Implies Redundant Data Paths Spanning-Tree Protocol Prevents Data Loops, Establishes One Active Path –Spanning-Tree Protocol (IEEE 802.1D) Restoration Time = 45 Seconds –Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (IEEE 802.1w) Restoration Time = 1 Second –Port States = Forwarding, Blocking, Listening, Learning Ocean Campus Switch Designated as Root Bridge Alemany Campus Switch Has Highest Path Cost, Port A2 in Blocking State Testing to Date: Ring Restoration Time Approximately 1 to 2 Seconds –Data IP Sessions Remained Active, No Noticeable Impact –Some Voice Sessions Dropped, No Obvious Pattern –Additional Tuning and Testing Required to Retain all Voice/Data Sessions

16 ALE11R1H5# sho span Rapid Spanning Tree (RSTP) Information STP Enabled : Yes Force Version : RSTP-operation Switch Priority : 32768 Hello Time : 2 Max Age : 20 Forward Delay : 15 Topology Change Count : 676 Time Since Last Change : 19 days Root MAC Address : 000f20-ef5e00 Root Path Cost : 80000 Root Port : A1 Root Priority : 4096 Port Type Cost Priority State | Designated Bridge ---- --------- --------- -------- ---------- + ----------------- A1 1000LX 20000 128 Forwarding | 000f20-ef2700 A2 1000LX 20000 128 Blocking | 000f20-ef4600 A3 1000SX 20000 128 Disabled | A4 1000SX 20000 128 Disabled | B1 1000SX 20000 128 Forwarding | 000f20-ef2300 B2 1000SX 20000 128 Forwarding | 000f20-ef2300 B3 1000SX 20000 128 Forwarding | 000f20-ef2300 B4 1000SX 2000000 128 Disabled | Metro Area Network Spanning-Tree Example

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