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ePCS electronic Palliative Care Summary

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1 ePCS electronic Palliative Care Summary
Euan Paterson Macmillan GP Facilitator (GG) Clinical Lead GGC Palliative Care MCN

2 Further information Palliative Care Website Louise McTaggart
‘What’s new’ Louise McTaggart Euan Paterson

3 ePCS – functions Information transfer Prompts for proactive care
‘In Hours’ GP > OOH Primary Care > A&E / Acute Receiving Units Primary Care > Scottish Ambulance Service Prompts for proactive care All data stored in one place Structure for lists / meetings / etc Advance Care Plan – Palliative care DES?

4 ePCS – data set Consent to transfer information ePCS review date
Current situation Diagnoses Key personnel involved Carer details Current treatment Repeat Last 30 day acute Patient / Carer understanding Diagnosis Prognosis

5 ePCS – data set Advance care plan Patient wishes
Preferred Place of Care Resuscitation status ‘Just in Case’ prescribing Liverpool Care Pathway Advice for OOH GP e.g. Contact own GP Death expected

6 ePCS – next steps Data entry Find the template!



9 ePCS – next steps Data entry Data transfer – currently
Find the template! Start adding data via ePCS template Obtain consent to share information Data transfer – currently Print off template Fax to GGC OOH service Data transfer (July) e-connection – do NOTHING! Data transfers if consent box checked

10 ePCS – concerns Data entry Data transfer Data access
Possible duplication Visiting – particularly ‘on the way home’ OOH data entry Data entry by AN Other… Data transfer Remembering to obtain consent Data access OOH DNs do not have access to information

11 ePCS – patient & carer benefits
Targets a very vulnerable and needy group Encourages earlier identification Encourages advance care planning All professionals have better information Fewer inappropriate actions Transfer Admission Futile attempt at CPR Reassurance and ‘security’ Better and safer care

12 ePCS – General Practice benefits
In hours Natural extension of GSFS Fits in with palliative care DES Simple information transfer More effective Less work Easy to update Out of hours Information – more & legible! No transcription Less patient contacts (?)

13 ePCS – NHS benefits Better service Fewer inappropriate actions
Information transfer Increased pro-activity Fewer inappropriate actions Admissions 999 ambulances Futile CPR Decreased OOH contacts Save money

14 Questions?

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