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The Office of Research Program Development. The Office of Research Program Development (RPD) was established in 1993 to facilitate and foster multidisciplinary.

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1 The Office of Research Program Development

2 The Office of Research Program Development (RPD) was established in 1993 to facilitate and foster multidisciplinary biomedical science at the Perelman School of Medicine. Our mission centers on assisting faculty-led research activities in order to expand the PSOM’s capacity to pursue large and complex multidisciplinary research initiatives. RPD offers a broad range of services.

3 Multidisciplinary Grant Proposals and Federal Contracts RPD provides coordination, preparation and submission of large-scale, multidisciplinary grant proposals and federal contracts, including NIH Department of Health non-formula grants Schedule permitting, some degree of assistance with R- and K- series proposals

4 For all federal and state grants and contracts, RPD – Serves as a resource for PSOM faculty regarding state and federal submission guidelines and policies that impact research funding and the research enterprise – Facilitates and coordinates preliminary meetings to discuss new research initiatives or opportunities – Prepares proposals, and assembles biographical sketches and other administrative components – Duplicates, packages and mails the proposal

5 Federal Contracts – Assembles administrative components, such as past performance, travel policies, etc. – Develops the Small Business Subcontracting Plan based upon the final budget Identifies small businesses that can provide the necessary services or products required by the contract – Reviews budgets for accuracy and compliance – Coordinates all production related activities; duplicates, packages and mails proposal – Assists with Final Proposal Revisions (FPR), Best and Final Offers (BAFO) and helps respond to NIH inquiries

6 Project Management Tailored to the specific needs of the investigator Administrative expertise and guidance on organizing and preparing proposals Provide information about PSOM resources available for research projects – Template language – Current documentation on centers, institutes and facilities – Updated information on building activities, campus maps Contact program officers with questions Work with PI, co-investigators and staff to compile all required aspects of proposal in a timely fashion

7 Grant Writing and Editorial Services Technical copy edit – to detect errors in spelling, punctuation and syntax and verify non-scientific facts, dates and statistics Adherence to formatting specifications – Fonts, margins, figure placement, references Comprehensive edit – To improve clarity and readability and to ensure that all funding agency requirements have been met – Provide integration of distinct projects to create a cohesive proposal Response to study section critique – Read revised proposal against this critique to be sure that all questions have been addressed

8 Letters of Support Draft letters of support – Institutional – Collaborators, consultants and advisory boards, internal & external Route through institutional channels for review and signature Follow-up with co-investigators, collaborators & consultants to insure timely receipt of signed letters

9 Biographical Sketches and Other Templates Formatting of NIH biographical sketches – Review for Compliance with guidelines (fonts, margins, current form page) Review and edit personal statement (project appropriate) PMCID numbers (NIH Public Access Policy) – Creation of NIH biographical sketch from CV Assistance with the preparation of other form pages, including abstracts, resources, personnel report, table of contents Follow-up with key personnel to ensure timely receipt of biographical sketches and other required components

10 Budget Review In conjunction with the departmental Business Administrator, RPD will provide secondary budget review – Review against guidelines to determine accuracy and compliance – For Federal Contracts, RPD can secure quotes for Clinical supplies, travel expenses and other direct costs included in the Small Business Subcontracting Plan

11 Additional RPD Services RPD has a broad range of services beyond the coordination, editing and preparation of grant proposal and federal contracts.

12 Funding Opportunity Notices Disseminate funding opportunity notices to departmental chairs & center and institute directors for distribution to appropriate faculty Work one-on-one with faculty to tailor funding opportunity notices targeted to a specific research focus

13 Research Retreats The PSOM supports multidisciplinary research retreats through RPD, with the goal of generating an increased number of multidisciplinary proposals and awards Bi-annual solicitation announcement & application instructions Requests that include a plan for submitting a multidisciplinary proposal for extramural funding will be given priority RPD provides expertise in retreat organization

14 PSOM Digital Signage & Research Web Calendar RPD manages requests for the PSOM research electronic signage boards, as well as the PSOM research web calendar. Announcements and flyers sent via email – Invited speakers – Retreats – Seminar series – Special events – Thesis defenses RPD will check for accuracy and post for the allotted time period Announcements can be cross-posted to the research web calendar

15 The Office of Research Program Development Contact Office of Research Program Development University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine 322 Anatomy-Chemistry Building Philadelphia, PA 19104-6061 Telephone: 215-898-0132 (General) Fax: 215-898-0993 Elizabeth R. Bien Director Telephone: 215-898-2726 E-mail: Kate Musselman Grant Writer and Scientific Editor Telephone: 215-898-2754 E-mail: Stephanie Oram Contracts Manager Telephone: 215-898-0273 E-mail: Tammy Gowans Staff Assistant Telephone: 215-573-5817 E-mail: Constance Weinstein Administrative Coordinator Telephone: 215-898-0132 E-mail:

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