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An Introduction to ASU Business Processes. Total Funding Sources $1.96 billion.

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1 An Introduction to ASU Business Processes


3 Total Funding Sources $1.96 billion

4 Total Funding Uses $1.86 billion Total Funding Uses $1.86 billion



7 All University Departments must follow ASU Policy and Procedures All University Departments must follow ASU Policy and Procedures

8 Headline Test Rule

9 The Arizona Auditor General performs the financial audit for the University. The University is audited in accordance to GAAP, GASB and University policy.

10 In order to fulfill ASU’s fiduciary requirements, every disbursement transaction must clearly document the Public Purpose if not readily apparent by the nature of the transaction. Each financial transaction should be able to stand alone during an audit, or contain the correct references. Appropriate documentation is essential. Public Purpose Served

11 Public Funds


13 There must be a documented public purpose for each transaction. The public purpose documents the benefits to the university. No Gifts, Contributions or Loaning of Public Funds No Gifts, Contributions or Loaning of Public Funds

14 Conflict of Interest

15 Financial Controls ASU Michael Kingery, Assistant Director, Financial Controls Purchasing Cards Travel & Travel Cards

16 Financial Controls - what we do: { Departmental Reviews Cash Handling Purchasing Cards Financial Controls Workshop

17 Purchasing Cards: What you need to know

18 Intended for small $ general purchases Should not be used for travel expenses Fingerprints & online training completion required Timely secondary reviews of transactions – key control University-wide purchasing card reviews Business purpose & prohibited transactions

19 Travel & Travel Cards: What you need to know

20 Travel Policy: -Mileage & per diem (lodging/meal) rates -No receipts needed for per diem meals -Defensive driving class for rental cars

21 Travel Cards: -Should be used only for travel expenses -No alcohol on travel card -No entertainment expenses except for business meals -Should not be used when not in travel status

22 Contacts for Financial Controls

23 Contacts for Travel

24 Purchases, Payments and Reimbursements Processes & Policies Financial Services Lily Tram, Director

25 Purchases { University Procurement Code Authority to Contract Purchasing Process

26 University Procurement Code

27 Authority to Contract: Who can authorize the purchase

28 Chief Procurement Officer Delegation to Purchasing & Business Services staff Contract Signature Authority (PUR 202)

29 Purchasing Process: Which process for your purchase

30 Internal Purchase Orders (PO) & Quick Turnaround Forms Requisitions (RX) – External and Blanket Orders Purchasing Card – Small $ general purchases Payment Vouchers – Purchases not requiring a purchase order

31 Reimbursements { Employee Reimbursements Business Meals Policies/Resources

32 Employee Reimbursements: What you need to know

33 Accountable Plan Rules Substantiation of Expenses Types of Employee Reimbursements

34 Accountable Plan Rules Employee must have paid/incurred expenses while performing services as an employee of ASU Employee required to account to ASU for the expenses within a reasonable period of time (generally 7-60 days of when paid/incurred)

35 Substantiation of Expenses Amount of expense Time and place Public purpose Business relationship

36 Types of Expense Reimbursements Travel expenses Business meals, food and related expenses Moving expenses Other expenses

37 Business Meals, Food and Related Expenses : What you need to know

38 Types of expenses for business meals, food and related expenses: Business meals Receptions, banquets, and luncheons Food and refreshments at conferences, workshops, and seminars Food and refreshment supplies

39 Business meals, food and related expenses policy: Business Meals, Food and Related Expense Form is required for each reimbursement/payment $40 per person threshold (requires additional approval) Gratuity not to exceed 20% No external party present, clearly justify expense o

40 Policies and Resources

41 Where to find polices: FIN Manual PUR Manual Where to find helpful resources: Financial Services website ( Purchasing website ( –Purchasing Procedure Guide Best practices Forms o

42 Tax Services ASU Rachel Golliet, Associate Director Tax Management

43 What we do: { Independent Contractor Determinations Sales & Use tax International employee support & Glacier Moving Expense Reimbursements International payments

44 Independent Contractors: What you need to know

45 Tax services approves all independent contractors. This approval should happen prior to services beginning. If the contractor will be paid in excess of $10,000 in a calendar year ASU’s purchasing department may have to get involved.

46 Who will not be approved: -Current employees (very few exceptions) -Recent employees being brought back to complete the same job duties -Professors of record or ones teaching for-credit courses

47 Who does not need to get approval: -Speakers or guest lecturers that will be teaching for less than 2 weeks -Expense reimbursements only- no income or honorarium payment -Cumulative payments less than $600 in a calendar year

48 How to get approval: 1.Have the independent contractor fill out the Employee/Independent Contractor Determination Checklist. 2.Send to Mail Code: Fax to (480) 965-2625. Please do not send through email as the form asks for social security numbers. 3.Tax will review and contact with any questions. Once signed it will be returned. Department will need to attach this approved checklist to any payments being made from ASU accounts.

49 Sales and Use Tax: What you need to know

50 ASU is not a tax exempt entity!

51 Common Exemptions: -Lab/research equipment -Services -Books purchased for the library - Separately stated shipping/freight

52 In order to not pay tax on a purchase the department will need to fill out a AZ5000 form listing the exemption code. For help on if a purchase is tax exempt please reach out to ASU tax services.

53 International Employment & Glacier: What you need to know

54 Every International employee, Faculty, Staff or Student needs to complete a Glacier record. Also, any international students receiving a scholarship in excess of tuition or fees will need to complete a Glacier record.

55 Completing this record, as well as submitting the required documents to Tax Services will ensure that ASU stays in compliance with USCIS guidelines. It will also allow the individual to elect to take advantage of any tax treaties or other tax benefits that their status may provide.

56 Tax Contacts

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