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Special Services at Brittan Acres -Liz Green, RST - Bakul Soman, SLP.

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1 Special Services at Brittan Acres -Liz Green, RST - Bakul Soman, SLP

2 Who are we? School Psychologist: Dr. Maria Del Rio Special Education Teachers: Miriam Siegel-Stern: 3/4 Melissa Juliano: K-2 Resource Specialist: Liz Green

3 Who are we? Speech-Language Pathologist: Bakul Soman Occupational Therapist: Peggy Shor

4 Who are we? Para-educators: Lyn Riley Sonia Cronin Sandra Tucker Kathy Cross Adrianna Squarzon Marie Young

5 Who are we? Special Circumstances Instructional Aides Kathy Cross Tracy Olazar NPA personnel

6 Who do we work with? Students with an identified disability These students have an IEP Students in general education classrooms who need RTI 2 support. These students do not have an IEP

7 The Process SST RTI 2 Referral Assessment IEP Initial Annual Triennial

8 Eligibility Criteria Autism Deaf-Blindness Deafness Hearing Impairment Mental Retardation Multiple Disabilities Orthopedic Impairment

9 Eligibility Criteria Other Health Impairment Emotional Disturbance Specific Learning Disability Traumatic Brain Injury Visual Impairment

10 Eligibility Criteria Speech or Language Impairment Articulation Disorder Abnormal Voice Fluency Disorder Language Disorder

11 Eligibility Criteria Specific Learning Disability The student has demonstrated a severe discrepancy between intellectual ability and achievement in one or more academic areas. The discrepancy is due to a disorder in one or more of the basic psychological processes. The discrepancy cannot be corrected through regular education services.

12 How many students do we work with? Resource Specialist: 28 students with IEPs, RTI 2 Special Education Teachers: 13 students with IEPs Speech-Language Pathologist: about 35 students with IEPs, 10 RTI 2 Occupational Therapy Currently 35 students with IEPs, 19 RTI 2

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