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Business Communication

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1 Business Communication
Chapter 15 Getting a Job Copyright South-Western Cengage Learning

2 Your Goals Personal goals Career goals
© Blend Images / Jupiter Images Consider your personal goals and career goals when planning a job search. 15.1 Job Search

3 Job Qualifications Experience Skills and education Personal traits
Career portfolio © Brand X Pictures / Jupiter Images Both paid and volunteer work can help prepare you for a job. 15.1 Job Search

4 Job Opportunities School placement offices Job search network
Publications and the Internet Employment agencies Researching organizations © Tony Sanchez-Espinosa / Shutterstock Working in a temporary position is a good way to get work experience. 15.1 Job Search

5 Self-Assessment Tools
Several Web sites provide free career self-assessment tools Questions What is the name of the self-assessment tool you used? What did you learn about your personal traits, skills, interests, or values from using this tool? 15.1 Job Search

6 Preparing a Resume Reverse chronological order Functional order
Parts of a resume Contact information and job objective Special qualifications Education and experience Activities, interests, and achievements References 15.2 Resume

7 Alternative Resumes Scannable print resumes Electronic resumes
Web resumes 15.2 Resume

8 Truthful Resumes Important tools for marketing your skills
Should include: Keywords related to the job description Accurate and truthful information 15.2 Resume

9 Application Letter Opening paragraph Body paragraphs Closing paragraph
Guidelines © Photodisc / Getty Images Your application letter should capture the reader’s attention. 15.3 Application Letter and Form

10 Application Forms Using sample forms Completing a form
© khz / Shutterstock A job application form includes contact information and qualifications of an applicant. 15.3 Application Letter and Form

11 The Job Interview Preparing for a job interview
Taking part in a job interview © Stockbyte / Getty Images Make eye contact and greet the interviewer with a smile. 15.4 Interview and Follow-Up Messages

12 Follow-Up Messages Thank-you letter Acceptance or rejection letter
© Blend Images / Jupiter Images A thank-you letter lets the interviewer know that you appreciate the interview. 15.4 Interview and Follow-Up Messages

13 Reading Job Announcements
Reading skills are important for locating and getting a job When reading a job announcement Note job requirements and qualifications Note keywords to use in a resume or application letter Link your skills and experience to the job requirements 15.4 Interview and Follow-Up Messages

14 Vocabulary application form application letter career portfolio
electronic resume internship job interview job objective job search networking qualifications reference resume scannable resume Web resume

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