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Chapter 10 McGraw-Hill/Irwin Copyright © 2011 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. All rights reserved.

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1 Chapter 10 McGraw-Hill/Irwin Copyright © 2011 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. All rights reserved.

2 Chapter 10 10-2 CHAPTER TEN OVERVIEW SECTION 10.1 - ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING  Enterprise Resource Planning  Core ERP Components  Extended ERP Components  Integrating SCM, CRM, and ERP  Measuring ERP Success  Choosing ERP Software SECTION 10.2 – COLLABORATION SYSTEMS  Teams, Partnerships, and Alliances  Collaboration Systems  Knowledge Management Systems  Content Management Systems  Workflow Management Systems  Groupware Systems

3 Chapter 10 10-3 ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING Reasons ERP systems are powerful tools  ERP is a logical solution to incompatible applications  ERP addresses global information sharing and reporting  ERP avoids the pain and expense of fixing legacy systems

4 Chapter 10 10-4 THE HEART OF ERP At the heart of all ERP systems is a database

5 Chapter 10 10-5 THE EVOLUTION OF ERP


7 Chapter 10 10-7 INTEGRATION TOOLS Many companies purchase modules from an ERP vendor, an SCM vendor, and a CRM vendor and must integrate the different modules together  Middleware  Enterprise application integration (EAI) middleware

8 Chapter 10 10-8 MEASURING ERP SUCCESS Balanced scorecard – enables organizations to clarify their vision and strategy and translate them into action Balanced scorecard views the organization from four perspectives  Learning and growth  Internal business process  Customer  Financial

9 Chapter 10 10-9 CHOOSING ERP SOFTWARE Successful ERP projects share 3 attributes 1. Overall fit o Off the rack o Off the rack and tailored to fit o Custom made 2. Proper business analysis o Successful companies spend up to 10 percent of the project budget on a business analysis 3. Solid implementation plans o A plan is needed to monitor the quality, objectives, and timelines

10 Chapter 10 10-10 TEAMS, PARTNERSHIPS, AND ALLIANCES Collaboration system – supports the work of teams by facilitating the sharing and flow of information

11 Chapter 10 10-11 KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS Knowledge management (KM) – capturing, classifying, evaluating, retrieving, and sharing information assets that provides context for effective decisions and actions Intellectual and knowledge-based assets categories: Explicit knowledge and Tacit knowledge Best practices for transferring or recreating tacit knowledge: Shadowing and Joint problem solving

12 Chapter 10 10-12 Knowledge management systems include:  Knowledge repositories (databases); Expertise tools; E-learning applications; Discussion and chat technologies; Search and data mining tools Finding out how information flows through an organization  Social networking analysis (SNA) – a process of mapping a group’s contacts (whether personal or professional) to identify who knows whom and who works with whom KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS

13 Chapter 10 10-13 CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS Content management system (CMS) – provides tools to manage the creation, storage, editing, and publication of information in a collaborative environment CMS marketplace includes:  Document management system (DMS)  Digital asset management system (DAM)  Web content management system (WCM)

14 Chapter 10 10-14 WORKFLOW MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS Workflow management system – facilitates the automation and management of business processes and controls the movement of work through the business process  Messaging-based workflow system – sends work assignments through an e-mail system  Database-based workflow system – stores documents in a central location and automatically asks the team members to access the document when it is their turn to edit the document

15 Chapter 10 10-15 GROUPWARE SYSTEMS Groupware – supports team interactions

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