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Islande Transportation Lynn, MA 01902 (617)861-1694.

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1 Islande Transportation Lynn, MA 01902 (617)861-1694

2 Target Objectives: To put safety first and above all. To provide parents with safe, effective service. To strive to provide excellence in customer service and service. To develop a strong bond with the community. To become a leader in the community and surrounding communities as the first full- service transportation company.


4 Islande Transportation is a small company that provide child transportation and works with the parents budgets to arrange the most affordable assistance and also negotiating with parents based on their income. It is through the parents that we market to the low –income families. It is best that by word of mouth that we acquire our most customers. Kids get a safe and responsible ride from a qualified and certified school bus employee and they are watched via camera and on some of our buses there are monitors. “Treating your child as one of our own.” “Let us do the worrying for you.”

5 “We take the pressure off. Safety is our # 1 goal.” “Safety, Reliability, Professionalism, Trust, and Affordability are just a few things of what we stand for.”

6 Helping seniors and disabled senior citizens get around to all their appointments. We also help them do their food shopping by providing a bus that is mainly designed for helping seniors get around to local markets. “Helping those who need the most help.”

7 The ride of excellence starts here. We give you a quality ride for a low price. Providing everyone with transportation and meeting that need by using the market penetration strategy. Our prices are low and our service is impeccable. We offer quality at a low rate. We strive to be the best with close to unbeatable prices.

8 Market Penetration Pricing

9 “Riding with us is like sitting in the comfort of your own home. You have the safety and peace of mind of knowing your in the best hands possible.” Like our competitors we offer public transportation. Our buses are maintained on a regularly basis and no bus is put into operation unless it is safe.

10 “Party with the best.” We have numerous vehicles and buses from limos to party buses. Providing you with safe reliable service and a fun and exciting atmosphere.

11 Party like a rock star! Don’t worry about getting pulled over anymore. We got you covered.

12 For the ultimate party experience, ride with us!

13 Go in style, go in luxury, go with the best in the business, Go with Islande!

14 When you ride with Islande Transportation, no one else matters.

15 The End

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