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Welcome to the University of Paderborn. The University for the Information Society.

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1 Welcome to the University of Paderborn

2 The University for the Information Society

3 The University of Paderborn stands equally for state of the art education and innovative research This profile – creates the potential for networking information, communication, culture and technology – generates an exemplary innovative force that will continue to be advanced in the future – builds on computer science and its symbiotic potential – as well as and equally on the complementary potential of the other fields of science and research working at Paderborn Brand – Profile – Mission Statement

4 University of Paderborn Campus

5 The University Site in Fürstenallee

6 The Fürstenallee: A Landmark of the Future Building 1 - Research Centre Intelligent Technical Systems Completed in September 2011 Workspace for 150 Academics Research Groups: Software Engineering (Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Schäfer) Database and Information Systems (Prof. Dr. Gregor Engels) Swarm Intelligence (Prof. Dr. Marco Dorigo) Software Quality Lab (s-lab) Paderborn Institute for Advanced Studies (PACE) Fraunhofer-Project Group Design for Mechatronic Systems also Network InnoZent OWL e.V. Network OWL Maschinenbau e.V. MLAP GmbH, Fachhochschule der Wirtschaft Its owl GmbH – Cluster Management

7 Impressions

8 Studying and Sport

9 Student Services Refectory

10 Gownsmens Pub

11 AStA Summerfest

12 The Universitys Studio Stage Studying and Culture

13 Hochschule für Musik Detmold

14 18,749 students 18,749 students in the winter semester 2012/2013

15 Where our Students come from

16 Studying Around the World International Office 10% of our students come from abroad l Partnerships with 140 universities worldwide

17 Paderborn Teacher Training Centre (PLAZ)

18 I Faculty of Arts and Humanities III Faculty of Science V Faculty of Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Mathematics IV Faculty of Mechanical Engineering II Faculty of Business Administration and Economics Faculties at the University of Paderborn

19 Department of English and American Studies Department of Educational Science Department of Protestant Theology Department of German Studies and Comparative Literary Studies History Department Department of Catholic Theology Department of Art, Music, Textiles Department of Media Studies Department of Romance Languages Department of Social and Human Sciences Faculty of Arts and Humanities

20 Department 1Management Department 2 Taxation, Accounting and Finance Department 3Business Information Systems Department 4Economics Department 5Business and Human Resource Education Department 6Law Faculty of Business Administration and Economics

21 Department Chemistry Department of Physics Department of Sports and Health Faculty of Science

22 Sixteen professorships Four interdisciplinary and cross-faculty research facilities: – Direct Manufacturing Research Center (DMRC) – Heinz Nixdorf Institute (HNI) – Institute for Lightweight Design with Hybrid Systems (ILH) – Competence Centre for Sustainable Energy Technology (KET) Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

23 Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology Department of Computer Science Department of Mathematics Faculty of Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Mathematics

24 Staff: 2,112 196Professors 20Junior/Associate Professors 104Academics staff with civil servant status 81Research assistants 991 Other academic staff 635Externally-funded staff 662 Non-academic staff 58 Trainees/Apprentices 18,749 students in the winter semester 2012/2013 Externally-funded expenditures: 38.8 million euros in 2012 (including other external funds, such as NRW research funding or funding for large- scale facilities by the DFG) The University in Numbers

25 Expenditure of External Funds in ´000 Euros

26 Centre for Optoelectronics and Photonics Paderborn (CeOPP) Heinz Nixdorf Institute (HNI) Competence Centre for Sustainable Energy Technology (KET) Musicology Seminar Detmold/Paderborn Paderborn Centre for Parallel Computing (PC²) Paderborn Institute for Advanced Studies in Computer Science and Engineering (PACE) Paderborn Institute for Scientific Computation (PaSCo) Paderborn Teacher Training Centre (PLAZ) Institute for Lightweight Design with Hybrid Systems (ILH) Central Research Facilities

27 Collaborative Research Centres -SFB 614 – Self-Optimising Systems in Mechanical Engineering -SFB/TR TRR 30 – Process-Integrated Manufacturing of Functionally-Graded Structures Based on Coupled Thermomechanical phenomena -SFB 901 – On-the-Fly Computing DFG-Research Units -Dynamics of Electron Transfer Processes at Transition Metal Centres in Biological and Bioinorganic Systems DFG-Research Training Groups -Automatisms – Cultural Techniques of Complexity Reduction -International Graduate School of Dynamic Intelligent Systems -Micro- and Nanostructures in Optoelectronics and Photonics DFG-funded Research Centres

28 Individual Support: Competence Development in Vocational Education Islamic Theology History of Monasteries, Convents and the World of the Middle Ages (Paderborn College of Mediaeval Studies) Further structured PhD programmes

29 Fraunhofer -Paderborn Centre Advanced System Engineering (ASE) -Fraunhofer-Project Group Design of Mechatronic Systems (Cooperation with IPT Aachen), founded March 2010 Interdisciplinary Research Institutes and Groups -Centre for Gender Studies (ZG) -Centre for Comparative Theology and Cultural Studies (ZeKK) Fraunhofer/ Interdisciplinary Research Groups

30 C-LAB – Cooperative Computing & Communication Laboratory – The Innovations Workshop for Atos and the University of Paderborn Direct Manufacturing Research Center (DMRC) – Consortium of Blue Production, Boeing, EOS Electro Optical Systems, Evonik Industries, LEGO A/S, Siemens, SLM Solutions, Stratasys, Stükerjürgen Aerospace Composites, Wilhelm Eisenhuth Präzisionsformenbau and University of Paderborn It´s owl - BMBF- Leading-Edge Cluster Intelligent Technical Systems OstWestfalenLippe L-LAB – Research Centre for Lighting Engineering and Mechatronics. Public Private Partnership between Hella KG Hueck & Co. and Paderborn University s-lab – Software Quality Lab – Centre of Excellence for Software Quality The Zukunftsmeile Fürstenallee Technology and Knowledge Transfer

31 Technology Transfer/ Technology Park

32 3Pi Consulting & Management Kunststofftechnik GmbH aXon GmbH Internet-Anwendungen BEDEM Personaldienstleister Bellgardt Elektronik Elektroniklösungen Ingenieurdienstleistungen Campus Consult GmbH Projektmanagement Delta Media GmbH Multimediales Marketing DiscVision GmbH Multimedia Dixeno GmbH Webdesign, Onlinemarketing dSPACE GmbH Mechatronik, e-Commerce Fastec Dezentrale Automation Steuerungstechnik GAUSS-LVS GmbH Software German Trades Personal- Personaldienstleister dienstleistung Gurock Software GmbH Software Heege GbR Digitale Bildverarbeitung IMPli Informations-Systeme Internetservice GmbH Incony AG Internetanwendungen Innovakom GmbH Produktdaten- und Bildverwaltung Intermoves AG Softwareentwicklung IT-Architects GmbH Webdesign ITEK GmbH Service Forschung, Beratung, Entwicklung & Schulung iXtronics GmbH Mechatronik mechOnics AG Linearantriebe Mikro- bzw. Nanopositionierung MeineLinse GmbH e-Commerce, Versandhandel MitMensch Training, Coaching, Trainingsinstitut Management GmbH MKV Consult Marketing neam IT-Service GmbH Kommunikationslösungen oak media GmbH Medienpakete für Internetauftritte Omumi Unternehmensberatung Beratungsdienstleistungen Orconomy GmbH Prozessberatung ÖZEL GmbH Design und Marketing PAVONE AG Informationsmanagement SciFace GmbH & Co KG Math.-technische Arbeitsumgebungen STUDENTSERVICE GmbH IT-Dienstleister SWS Software-Systeme GmbH Softwarelösungen teamnet GmbH Software-Entwicklung WebEbene Ltd. Onlinemarketing University Spin-offs in the Technology Park

33 The Universitys Alumni Networks 16 Alumni Clubs with more than 2,700 members Former students, professors and staff from the various faculties What the alumni work aims to achieve Lifelong ties with the university Lively network of mutual and reciprocal support Contacts and information exchange all about the university Services and offerings provided by the alumni clubs Network meetings and information Financial and moral support for university projects and events Funding for students via grants, scholarships or fellowships Offers all about student and career development opportunities

34 Donations amounting to 2.6 million euros Role model for the NRW Scholarship Programme More than 230 companies, foundations, institutions and private sponsors in the Friends of the University (Förderkreis) Scholarship holders in the Network of Sponsors Comprehensive support programme for scholarship holders thanks to the close collaboration with sponsor companies and institutions Foundation established in 2009 Applications for the winter semester 2014/15 can be submitted as from March at: Studienfonds OWL Foundation

35 University Town of Paderborn

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