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Archdiocese of Boston Brockton Regional Proposal Presentation to Parents, Teachers & Staff January 28, 2007.

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1 Archdiocese of Boston Brockton Regional Proposal Presentation to Parents, Teachers & Staff January 28, 2007

2 Welcome!

3 Tonight’s Discussion 1.What is the 2010 Initiative? 2.Why Brockton? 3.Vision for Brockton 4.What Will Change? What Will Stay the Same? 5.Questions & Answers

4 What is the 2010 Initiative?

5 Archdiocesan-wide effort focused on improving, strengthening & revitalizing Boston’s Catholic Schools Drawing upon collective experience: –Commitment to Catholic education – Cardinal O’Malley –Strategic Planning Committee – led by Jack Connors –Principals –Pastors –Local stakeholders –Professional education experts –Consultants –Community leaders Create long-term system that will evolve, grow & develop to meet needs of students & community

6 Why Brockton?

7 Pastors, principals & Catholic community working together to create long-term vision for Catholic education in Brockton BUT … Significant challenges we cannot meet with status quo

8 Why Brockton? We cannot maintain/finance growing needs of three parish schools Limited parish resources Growing deferred maintenance Quality schools require planning & resources to meet today’s needs: –Strong academic programs –Integration with technology –Improved facilities –Pre-K programs –Before/after school programs

9 Why Brockton? “DOING NOTHING” IS NOT AN OPTION Sought to avoid eventual closure of schools Encouraged 2010 Planning Team to provide expertise & assistance with new governance models 2010 Planning Team helped coordinate planning & programming, finances, school construction, marketing plans Worked together on a NEW VISION for Brockton to ensure strong Catholic education

10 Vision for Brockton Plan for the Future

11 Vision for Brockton Overview Saint Edith Stein Parish - St. Edward School Saint Casimir Parish - St. Casimir School Christ the King Parish - Sacred Heart School (K-8) - Saint Colman School (closed) 550 Students 3 Schools Catholic School for Brockton Lower Campus - Present St. Edward building - Pre K–3rd Upper Campus - Present St. Colman building - Grades 4-8 CurrentProposed 515+ Students 2 Schools – Upper & Lower Campus

12 Vision for Brockton Regional Governance Model TODAY Parish-Run Schools Pastors Principals Advisory Boards Providing a strong Catholic education TOMORROW Regional Board/ Director-Run Schools Pastors Principals Experienced professionals: - Education - Marketing - Fundraising Strengthening Catholic education

13 Vision for Brockton Stonehill Partnership CurriculumTechnology Construction & Physical Plant Development STRONGER BROCKTON SCHOOL SYSTEM

14 Stonehill Partnership with Regional School

15 1 Management Provide assistance through participation in Regional Board 2 Curriculum Assist in formation of curriculum strategy & academic benchmarks 3 Staff Development Assist in staff development and training programs

16 School Upgrades

17 School Upgrades Curriculum Development Curriculum Goals 1.Strengthen delivery of curriculum & broaden opportunities for instruction through: Language & science labs Dedicated art & music spaces Expanded drama & arts opportunities Pre-K programs 2.Improve technology & integrate with curriculum Computers in classrooms Greater accessibility to technology for all students 3.Provide professional development opportunities for our teachers and staff

18 School Upgrades Construction

19 St. Colman – Existing 41,000 GSF Currently leased by Charter School Storage basement 1 st floor: –8 classrooms, 4 small offices 2 nd floor: –8 classrooms, Library, Bathrooms Proposed Improvements Roof Windows Façade Interior Finishes MEP Grades 4–8 classrooms

20 School Upgrades Construction St. Colman – Proposed 42,000 GSF Grades 4–8 Basement converted to music & art room Playground 1 st floor: -4 classrooms, Expanded offices -New technology, media, foreign language & science labs -New kitchen & cafeteria 2 nd floor: –Renovated classrooms, Expanded library, Renovated bathrooms New elevator

21 School Upgrades Construction St. Edward – Existing 27,000 GSF Grades K–8 1 st floor: –16 classrooms –Nurses/principal office –Bathrooms –Outdated kitchen –Recently renovated gym Proposed Improvements Roof Windows Façade Interior Finishes MEP 4,000 SF addition 3 Pre-K classes 2 Kindergarten classes 3 1 st, 2 nd, 3 rd grade classes

22 School Upgrades Construction St. Edward - Proposed 31,000 GSF Grades Pre-K – 3 Playground 1 st floor: –16 renovated classrooms –New technology, media & music room –Expanded Nurses/principal office –Renovated Bathrooms –New kitchen & cafeteria

23 What Will Stay the Same?

24 Principals providing instructional leadership Pastors heavily involved Parish relationship with school families All parishes continue to promote importance of Catholic education All children ensured seats in new school Financial assistance & family discounts available Breakfast & lunch programs Transportation to/from schools

25 What Will Change?

26 More effective schools = higher quality education for your children Stronger governance model & school management will ensure long term stability of school Curriculum upgrades, technology & quality study materials will help position your children for future success Upgraded school buildings & facilities for improved learning environment

27 Catholic Schools Week

28 When: Now Where: Local parish school How: Fill out application form & return to local parish school Who: Every currently-enrolled student has first preference to sign up for school. Enrollment will be opened to everyone March 1 st. Registration Details

29 Questions & Answers

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