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Welcome to Geometry! Ms. Alyssa Gage 781-834-5050.

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1 Welcome to Geometry! Ms. Alyssa Gage 781-834-5050

2 Materials Needed: Students should have a:  Math Notebook (with 3 tabs)  Pencils  Scientific calculator (should have a square root and a pi button), **I strongly recommend a Graphing Calculator for this course, for it will be very useful in this class and subsequent classes. I would recommend the TI-83 or TI-84 models.

3 Textbook

4 Grading Policy  Term grades will be calculated at total points earned divided by total points possible.  The point value for every assignment, quiz, or test will be given beforehand.  Quizzes will be given generally every 3-4 sections.  Tests will be given after each unit.  Grades are posted on Aspen.

5 Homework.  There will be a homework assignment nearly every class.  The tools and skills covered in each lesson need to be practiced in order to be mastered. Homework is the key to success in this course!  Homework is due at the beginning of the next class period, unless otherwise specified. Late assignments are not accepted. All work MUST be shown on homework, otherwise you will not receive full credit.

6 Website – “The Gage Page” Access to Weekly Forecast Class Notes Class Powerpoints Worksheets Upcoming quiz/test announcements

7 Pre-Test Information  The Pre-Test will be Wednesday, September 17.

8 Extra Help. After School: I will be after school on Tuesday and Thursday of each week. Math Lab: Students may go to the Math Lab during their Study Hall.

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