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Newspapers Kind of mass media. Make up sentences from words. newspapers kinds there two of Britain are in.

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1 Newspapers Kind of mass media


3 Make up sentences from words. newspapers kinds there two of Britain are in

4 Make up sentences from words about, are, In, many, and, international, kinds, there, articles, national, large, events.,

5 Make up sentences from words Smaller,less,important, Tabloids, in, short, size, pictures, have,more, events, and, articles.

6 Make up sentences from words London, events, Times, Telegraph, generally, about, give, and, Daily, information, The, happening, in

7 Can you find adjectives describing newspaper using ex34 page70 Serious- popular daily- weekly Sunday- free National -local ` ` Large-small

8 Learn by heart definitions in 3minutes Television – broadcasting programmes (the news, plays, advertisements, shows) for people to watch on their television sets. Newspaper – a paper printed and sold usually daily or weekly. Tabloid – a newspaper with small pages, many pictures and little serious news. The Internet – a way to communicate with somebody who might be away using the computer(by e-mail). Radio – sending and receiving messages programmes for people to listen to.


10 Can you translate sentences from English into Russian P- If I were you, I would read the internet newspapers. P –If I got lots of newspapers, I would read many articles. P – If I had much money, I would buy many newspapers.








18 My television habits and effects of TV I think I do not watch television a lot. I watch TV for about one hour a day. Sometimes I eat when I watch TV. I do not mind news programs. I sometimes watch Vremya or Vesti, Novosti. I love sports programs such as tennis and soccer. I always watch them. I also like educational programs. I usually like to watch about animals. Cartoons are for me too. I hate talk shows and reality shows like Pust govoryat. I like music programs. I always watch STS and MuzTV. I do not like crime programs. I never watch soap operas. I think there are advantages and disadvantages of TV. I would like to suggest to my friends: Do not watch violent programs, do not watch TV after 9-10p.m., watch sport games on TV and then play those with your friends, watch TV less than three hours a day, switch off TV when you do your homework, do not watch when you are having meals, it may give a false picture of society, may influence to our memory, people may become lazy, passive and violent if they watch TV a lot. But on the other hand there are positive sights of types programmes: you can learn a lot about the world and society-to know and see many new things, you can get the news very fast, should not to buy tickets to the cinema or theatre, it is enjoyable way to relax, it has increased the popularity of sports and art, it has made us aware of our global responsibilities, it helps for disabled people. In conclude,I believe TV gives people experience of life. Many people cannot travel because they have not money for it, but with TV you can have opportunities for traveling sitting in front of TV.

19 Your homework will be– p.87 ex19 - can you make up sentences about newspapers by giving verbs (are called, are published, contain, give, are, express)write them on the workbook.

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