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Tabard Rugby Club Radlett

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1 TEC@Tabard Tabard Rugby Club Radlett
The Experience of Alternative Providers in Developing Foundation Learning Tabard Rugby Club Radlett

2 What is Tabard RFC Community Rugby Club in Radlett, Herts Senior Men’s rugby Youth and mini rugby Girls’ and Ladies’ rugby Seal of Approval achieved in 2007 Regional club of the year 2008

3 Why Rugby What could rugby offer education (apart from rugby coaching?) Opportunities for involvement – Business and Administration Construction and Built Environment Hospitality Media Sport and Active Leisure

4 Rugby is a truly inclusive sport
Discipline A microcosm of life “A game for hooligans played by gentlemen”

5 Getting started Becoming an official Hertfordshire Alternative Education Centre Tendered to be included on the Herts Choices Database of preferred providers Getting learners and partners

6 “I listen and I forget I see and I remember I do and I understand”

7 Foundation Learning A total gift!
We believe it can really help the learners to achieve in small manageable chunks of learning We believe it gets them interested in their learning and enables them to progress

8 Anything that is real and needed by the club.
What we do Anything that is real and needed by the club. As well as Cooking their own lunches and snacks Something they like to do (within reason!)

9 NDAQ Hundreds of courses available on QCF






15 Why Edexcel? Name Reputation Known by Colleges and Employers
Great progression potential for learners Most schools are already Edexcel Centres

16 How we collect evidence
Photos Worksheets Witness testimonies Learner diaries

17 Plan B Be prepared for any eventuality
Look for the educational opportunities in EVERY and ANY activity

18 For further details and/or to arrange a visit please contact:
Vicki Hopcroft – Laura-Jo Pearce –

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