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1 “The World of Mass Media”. 2 The World of Mass Media.

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1 1 “The World of Mass Media”

2 2 The World of Mass Media

3 3 ''There only two forces that can carry light to all corners of the globe – the sun in the heavens and the Associated Press''. Mark Twain

4 4 By the end of the lesson you will be able: –to recognize, understand the words, word- combinations when reading the text; –to identify the main ideas and details of the text when reading; –to develop your discussion skills; –to activate your background knowledge of the topic; –to improve your confidence as readers; –to enjoy our being together.

5 5 - I'm a student. - I'm a smart student. - I'm a talented student. - I'm the most enthusiastic student. - I try to be the best student in the world.

6 6 Mind-Map Newspapers The Internet TV Mobile phones The Media Radio Books Magazines Web-based newspapers

7 7 Answer the questions: How often do you read the newspapers or magazines? What does such kind of the media as radio present? (News, entertainment programs, concerts, music quizzes) What kind of the magazines do you prefer? Do you like to watch TV? What is your favourite program?

8 8 “The British Press’’ Key Words: –''quality'' newspaper – a newspaper of a high standard; –''tabloid'' newspaper – a newspaper on smaller pieces of paper, usually with many pictures and without much serious news.

9 9 State whether the statements are True (T) or False (F): Quality papers are more difficult to read than popular papers. The Brazilian people are great readers of newspapers. There are morning and afternoon papers. Popular papers are thicker than quality papers. Another name of the quality papers is tabloids. The Observer comes out only once a week. If you want to know the latest news about the theatres, read the Sunday paper. Some papers are known as Monday papers. British magazines cover many different activities.

10 10 Look: weekly – once a week monthly – once a month quarterly – four times a year (or once every three month)

11 11 Relaxation Guess the riddle: What is it that is black and white, and yet red all over?

12 12 “Newspaper” Match the words with their translations. 1.important rolea)випуски (газет) 2.public opinionb)знати 3.handwrittenc)весілля 4.advantagesd)місцеві новини 5.local newse)друкувати 6.printf)включати 7.includeg)важлива роль 8.issuesh)переваги 9.knowi)суспільна думка 10. weddingsg)рукописний

13 13 Answer the questions: 1.What are the names of the first newspapers? 2.How many newspapers are there in the USA? 3.What is printed in daily newspapers? 4.What are the major newspapers in the USA? 5.What do weekly newspapers focus on?

14 14 “Magazine” Match the words with their translations: 1.fashiona)містити в собі 2.adventureb)кінозірки 3.entertainmentc)щомісячний 4.child-raisingd)d)промисловий 5.5.jokese)e)мода 6. eventsf)пригодницький 7.monthliesg)g)жарти starsh)h)виховання дітей 9.containi)розваги 10.industrialg)події

15 15 Answer the questions: 1.What kinds of information do magazines provide? 2.What is the difference in contents between a magazine and a newspaper? 3.What kinds of magazines are there? 4.What do they deal with? 5.What is your favourite magazine?

16 16 Homework Написати листа англомовному другу про публікації, які ти зазвичай читаєш. Write a letter to your English-speaking friend about the publications you usually read.

17 17 Summarizing Well, our lesson is coming up to the end, and it's time to make a conclusion. We have discussed the information about the Mass Media, presented projects. We've made different kinds of activities. We've put each other the questions and answered them. We've corrected mistakes. We've worked with vocabulary, read the texts. We've spoken perfect English. We've enjoyed our being together.

18 18 Good luck!

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