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THE MEDIA television radio newspapers Internet more information on:

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1 THE MEDIA television radio newspapers Internet more information on:

2 THE MEDIA  it´s a form of communication that can reach large numbers of people  the most important are

3 TELEVISION  watching TV or “box“ is the most popular pastime in Britain  there are five stations on TV (BBC 1, BBC 2, ITV1, Channel 4 and Channel 5  people can choose to pay for satellite or cable services, then they have a wider choice of channels

4 WHAT´S ON?  1) brings us the most important events of the day  2) follows the lives of a group of people; can be funny, exciting or dramatic  3) is a film giving facts about something  4) is a number of programmes about the same characters a)series - b) documentary – c) the news (current affairs) - d) soap opera

5 WHAT´S ON?  5) is interested in famous people´s lives  6) are drawings for children  7) is a competition in which contestants try to win, usually money or a holiday (a prize)  8) are advertisements on TV or in the radio e) quiz (game) show – f) talk show – g) commercials – h) cartoons

6 Correct answers 1 c 2 d 3 b 4 a 5 f 6 h 7 e 8 g

7 NEWSPAPERS newspapers have an important effect on their readers reading newspapers is a national British habit people read them on their way to work and back and discuss the news of the day referring to something written in a newspaper people use It said in The Times that they´ve found the missing girl. / According to The Guardian, the missing girl was found. Never use It´s written….

8 NEWSPAPERS most newspapers are daily, some of them are national, some local quality newspapers bring serious articles and information and are of a large size tabloids inform about affairs and scandals to attract people, use lots of photographs, short articles magazines are weekly or monthly

9 CONTENTS  reports bring information about something that you have seen  articles are about various subjects – e.g. drugs  headline is the title above the article  review gives an opinion of new films, books, etc.  adverts try to attract people to buy a product

10 PEOPLE  editor is a person in control of the daily production  journalists / reporters write articles  photographers take the pictures in the papers

11 NEWSPAPERS Quality newspapers: Financial Times Daily Telegraph The Guardian The Independent The Times Tabloids: Daily Mirror The Sun Daily Mail Daily Express

12 NEWSPAPER - OWNERSHIP national newspapers are not owned by the government they do not receive any financial help their income comes from advertising the owners are big companies none of the newspapers belong to political parties The oldest newspaper in Britain is The Times first published on January 1st, 1785 sells nearly 700,000 copies a day its original name was The Daily Universal Register

13 USA American newspapers “The Washington Post” and “The New York Times” influence not only people but also other newspapers TV there are three main television networks ABC, NBC and CBS cable television Children in remote areas learn through TV special programmes

14 the internet you can travel across the whole world just sitting at your desk you can join discussions, browse the web, send and receive e-mails, read newspapers, do shopping, chat, use e-banking, download music website is a place on the Internet containing various information we must protect our computer from viruses´attacks hackers do the most harm to the Internet

15 on averageprůměrně articlečlánek sizevelikost affairpoměr, aféra habitzvyk newsagent majitel obchodu s tiskem earnvydělat own, ownervlastnit, vlastník receiveobdržet incomepříjem advertisinguveřejňování inzerátů belongpatřit, náležet influenceovlivňovat networksíť remotevzdálený Word Bank – The Media mediasdělovací prostředky media is / are reachdosáhnout broadcastvysílání typewriterpsací stroj inventvynalézt pastimezábava channelkanál be availablebýt dosažitelný, k dispozici fundfinancovat publiclyveřejně ordinaryobyčejný ratingsledovanost particularkonkrétní

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