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Motivation & emotion Review

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1 Motivation & emotion Review

2 What is a need or desire that energizes & directs behavior?

3 What theory says that we are motivated by our inborn, automatic behaviors?

4 Name 3 primary drives & 3 secondary drive.

5 What theory argues that we are motivated by a biological need creates a drive that motivates you to satisfy that need? Drive reduction theory

6 What do we call environmental stimuli that motivates our behavior?

7 Explain the Yerkes-Dodson Law.
We perform poorly when we are very stressed/not challenged at all, we perform best when we are in an optimal level of arousal

8 In order, list Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.
Physiological (hunger, thirst0 Safety Belongingness & Love Esteem Self-actualization (fulfilling your potential)

9 What structure of our limbic system controls hunger?

10 If this part of your brain was lesioned, you would never feel full.
Ventromedial hypothalamus

11 What part of your brain is your “start eating center” and tells you that you are hungry?
Lateral Hypothalamus

12 What is the theory that your body seeks to maintain a certain weight and adjusts your metabolic rate and hunger to do so? Set Point Theory

13 Name the 3 eating disorders & describe the characteristics of each.

14 List at least 5 potential consequences of obesity.

15 What are the 4 stages of the Sexual Response Cycle?
Initial Excitement Plateau Orgasm Resolution

16 The resting period after an orgasm when a man cannot achieve another is called…
Refractory period

17 List 3 reasons why teen pregnancy rates in America are higher than other westernized countries.
Media portrayal of unprotected sex/promiscuity Lack of communication about birth control Ignorance Alcohol use

18 Rewards that we get for our accomplishments outside ourselves are called…
Extrinsic motivators Intrinsic motivators come from within

19 What are the 3 factors involved in an emotion?
Physiological arousal Expressive behavior Conscious/unconscious

20 Which theory of emotion argues that the stimuli CAUSES the physical changes?

21 Which theory of emotion states that stimuli trigger a physiological response & emotion SIMULTANEOUSLY? Cannon-Bard

22 Which theory of emotion argues that a cognitive label is part of the process?
Schacter 2 factor theory

23 What is the difference between type A & type B personalities?

24 List 2 health problems that can arise from too much stress.

25 Explain the 3 stages of the General Adaptation Syndrome

26 List 5 ways to increase your happiness.

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