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Mrs. Romero’s Kindergarten Class.  Greeting, unpack, small groups while others work independently.  Calendar  ELA  Recess  ELA  Lunch  Social Studies/Science.

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Presentation on theme: "Mrs. Romero’s Kindergarten Class.  Greeting, unpack, small groups while others work independently.  Calendar  ELA  Recess  ELA  Lunch  Social Studies/Science."— Presentation transcript:

1 Mrs. Romero’s Kindergarten Class

2  Greeting, unpack, small groups while others work independently.  Calendar  ELA  Recess  ELA  Lunch  Social Studies/Science with Mrs. Lueckenhoff’s class  Math  Specials (PE, Music)  Social Studies/Science  Writer’s Workshop  Centers  Pack up to go home

3  Students are tardy if they are not in the class at 8:20 when the bell rings.  Students are absent if they are not in their class at 9:45 when the bell rings.  Please send a note the day your student comes back from an absence.

4  No tank tops, spaghetti straps, or muscle shirts  Shorts must be at mid-thigh  No flip flops  No head coverings (bandannas, scarves, hats)  Please no sandals, there is lots of movement in both music and PE and recess

5  Klein elementary schools have a 9 week grading period.  All academic grades are rated E+, E, S+, S, N, and U. Behavior grades are E, S, N, or U.  Progress reports will go home in the middle of the 9 weeks,– please sign and return.  Please keep the report cards at home and sign and return the cover. /sleeve.  TPRI – October/January/May  DRA – (reading level evaluation) January/May

6  Reset system – please check daily folders ◦ Purple Paw- your child had no resets today! ◦ No numbers- a very good day! ◦ Numbers-your child had more than 4 resets and there will be a note or numbers to let you know areas of concern ◦ Time out of free centers due to excessive resets  If your child physically harms another child (push, hit, pinch, shove, etc) our policy is to write the child up and you will be contacted by Mrs. Trammell.

7  A program to increase student responsibility and build character.  We’re team ????  Team points can be earned or lost due to good cafeteria behavior, PE/Music behavior, attendance, tardies, early dismissals, and homework turned in on time.

8  The Red Wolf folder comes home with your child every day and needs to be initialed and returned daily.  Folder will have a purple paw, or a number that corresponds to a short description indicating a behavior that your child needs to work on. If there is nothing marked for the day then it was a good day for your child.  Take out any work and other handouts daily.

9  Green Homework folder will normally be sent home Monday and is due on Friday starting early October. It will usually contain math, reading and writing activities.  Practice sight words. A list will be coming home tomorrow. A good way to practice those is by making flash cards on index cards.  Please read with your child every night. Record book titles on Library reading log.

10  Red Reading Folders will start late September and will normally come home on Mondays also and should be returned on Fridays. These are to be read by your child to you with your guidance. Please log it only ONCE.

11  P.E.- Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 12:45-1:30  Music-Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday at 12:45-1:30  Library –Tuesday at 9:00am with Mrs. Deere, please return books on Monday.  Lunch 10:50-11:20

12  Sept. 10 th – Kreinhop Cookie Dough fundraiser begins!!  Sept. 25 th - Moms and Muffins  Oct. 3- Meet and Greet 5:30-7:30 McDonald’s on 2920  Oct. 8 th – Parent Curriculum 6:00 p.m.  Oct. 14 th – Parent conference day: 15 minute sessions throughout the day. Sign up tonight for a time that works best for you.

13  The district is aware that our Kindergarten classes are over the limit of 22.  A new Kindergarten teacher will be hired or transferred soon.  You will be notified if your child will be moved.  Any other questions can be directed to the administration.

14  Be sure your child is rested and has eaten a good breakfast each day.  Send folders back signed and papers taken out.  Label everything –backpacks, lunchboxes, sweaters, etc.  Help your child learn to be independent (dressing, tying shoes, PIN numbers, etc.)

15  Tearing pages out of workbooks, stapling pages, cutting pages, etc.  Reading in the Classroom  Special class projects and activities  Sign up through PTO  As a campus we have set a goal to do hands on, science labs each week. There is a giving tree in the front hallway to help stock our science lab if you’re interested.  Kindergarten has a giving tree set up near the restrooms as well.

16  Sign up! Join PTO! $10.00 per family  Box Tops Contest – information has come home. Please ask family and friends to save them for you. 

17   832-484-7489   832-484-7400 – main office line

18  If there is a change in the way your child is going home you must send a note or call the front office, otherwise I have to send them off the normal way.  Please send me a short, hello email so I can create a distribution list quickly.  My website:  Please look through your child’s work tonight both on their table and in the hallways.

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