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Ruhama… GERARDINE ROWLEY RUHAMA. Ruhama… PHILOSOPHY Dignity and respect of the person.

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2 Ruhama… PHILOSOPHY Dignity and respect of the person

3 Ruhama… Prostitution; Violence against Women Violation of Human Rights

4 Ruhama… SERVICES Outreach Development Awareness Raising

5 Ruhama… THE EXTENT AND NATURE OF PROSTITUTION IN IRELAND Nationwide Drug addiction and Street prostitution Increase in in-door prostitution. The influence of modern technology and globalisation. The involvement of criminals in trafficking Invisible and hidden

6 Ruhama… In 2004, over 3,000 contacts from 242 women in Ruhama’s Outreach Services We are aware of over 100 cases of trafficking in Ireland.

7 Ruhama… SOCIETAL VIEWS ON PROSTITUTION Fun/Entertainment Tolerated An ‘industry’ Glamorized Money Focus and blame on the women

8 Ruhama… THE FACTORS WHICH LEAD WOMEN INTO PROSTITUTION Social exclusion; poverty, drugs or homelessness Childhood abuse, whether physical, emotional or sexual Sexual grooming Lap Dancing Domestic Violence Organised criminal gangs/kidnapped/trafficked

9 Ruhama… “I am not saying that every woman who is poor or has been abused or abandoned by a parent will get involved in prostitution but I am saying I have never met a woman in the sex industry who did not have one of these elements in her past life”. Louise Eek – Survivor of prostitution

10 Ruhama… THE HARM EXPERIENCED BY WOMEN Repeated physical and sexual assaults The risk of murder is always real and present Humiliating, degrading and violent Sexual objectification is intrinsically traumatizing Disassociation Post traumatic stress disorder The stigma attached Isolation The challenge of exiting prostitution and reintegration into society

11 Ruhama… RECOMMENDATIONS A legal framework which recognises prostitution as a Violence Against Women - Swedish Model Multiagency approach Establish effective networks and referral mechanism Safe accommodation, which is accessible and culturally sensitive

12 Ruhama… RECOMMENDATONS Training and Awareness Raising Legislation to protect the Human Rights of women who are victims of trafficking for the purpose of prostitution Specialized Policing of this issue Sentencing must reflect the crime

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