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Year 9 Controlled Assessment

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1 Year 9 Controlled Assessment
Teen Rant


3 What does that mean? Let’s look at origins. The word Iconoclast is formed from two words originally taken from Medieval Greek: eikōn meaning "image, likeness" and -klastēs meaning "breaker" - this is because the first iconoclasts smashed religious tokens and images in their desire for change. How does this help you? It means that you are essentially writing a teen rant! Your task is to produce 500 words of writing for a teen website where you argue strongly against something you want to change or something that annoys you.





8 How will it work? a. 2/3 hours low level controlled assessment in class where you can plan, discuss, collaborate, get help on your ideas. Beginning Monday 12th May b. Then 2/3 hours high level controlled assessment (exam conditions) to write up your ideas.

9 How does it contribute to GCSE?
It will be sent to Ashby and given to your new English teacher. This work will form part of your GCSE controlled assessment for writing. Your new English teacher will start to make judgements about your ability based on your teen rant.

10 How are you being assessed?
Be aware of the following 6 areas. You must: write clearly, effectively and imaginatively, using an appropriate form – write in a way that engages the reader (interesting!) organise ideas into structured and sequenced sentences and paragraphs use a variety of language features (lists of 3, similes, metaphor, emotive language) and structural features (short dramatic sentences, one sentence paragraphs) to make writing effective use a range of sentence structures for clarity, purpose and effect use accurate punctuation and spelling.

11 What notes can you take into the exam?
You may take an A4 sheet of notes into the exam with you. It cannot contain fluent prepared paragraphs but it can be a collections of key words (spellings), spider diagrams, paragraph plans, lists, reminders of what to include and what to avoid.

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