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Health Care Clusters Individual Preventive care cluster

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1 Health Care Clusters Individual Preventive care cluster
Diagnostic cluster Therapeutic Cluster Information services cluster Environmental services

2 Health Occupation Education  Associates Degree- vocational-technical school or community college after completion of a prescribed two-year course of study Bachelors Degree- college or university after a prescribed course of study that usually last four years Master Degree- college or university after completion of one or more years of study beyond a bachelor’s degree Doctorate Degree after completion of two or more years of work beyond a bachelors or master’s degree. 4-6 years of additional study Medical Doctor (physician) – 4 years undergraduate- medical school-4 years of medical school-residency programs 3-7 years

3 Certification/Licensure/Registration   Certification meets requirements of education and performance -standards and qualifications established by the professional association or government agency Registration Regulatory board administers examinations and maintains a current list of qualified personnel in a given health care area performs this Licensure government agency authorizes individuals to work in a given occupations- may vary from state to state-requires completion of an approved education program-pass state board test and maintain certain standards. Continuing education units (CEU’s) are required to renew licenses or maintain certification or registration in many states.

4 Administration Preventive Therapeutic Diagnostic Informational
Environmental Medical Staff Care management Dentistry Dietetics EMT Home health Nursing Pharmacy Radiology Rehabilitation Renal dialysis respiratory Audiology Cardiology Emergency Imaging Laboratory Neurology Optical Pulmonary Admitting Clerical Finance Health education Human resources Information Mgm. Medical clerical Medical librarian Medical records Quality management Unit coordination Utilization review Central supply Engineering Food service Groundskeeper Maintenance housekeeping

5 Choose Medical Cluster
Click on career search and explore Choose 3 different careers and collect information Complete the form provided

6 Assignment Choices Rubric will be provided once you choose
Career Research National Career Development Association (choose one) Choose a careers to complete this assignment Choose one: complete written report Make a photo journal regarding the career Make a video on the career- may include interview related to the career Prepare a Science poster related the careers Participate in national career development month poetry and poster context Plan and implement a service project as part of HOSA (report) Prepare bulletin board display on health professions (research) Set up school wide Collection of eyeglasses for Lions (report) Conduct free public career workshop on resume preparation and completing job applications (report)

7 Ethics is: The study of values of how we ought to live Used interchangeably with morals and values Denotes systematic, rational reflection upon a particular behavior

8  5 cornerstones to ethical behavior Do what you say you will do Never divulge information given to you in confidence Accept responsibility for your mistakes Never become involved in a lie Avoid accepting gifts that compromise your ability to perform in the best interests of the organization (Manske, 1987)

9 Choose one of the 5 cornerstones to ethical behavior and demonstrate understanding by choosing one of the following activities May work independently or with a partner on this project (quiz grade) write a skit/role-play what happens if you fail to act ethically, how does it change when you do act ethically write a three paragraph paper on one of the cornerstones, what it means, why it is important & how it would be implemented behaviorally draw a comic book strip which shows ethical or non ethical behavior, must tell a story describe a time when you felt you were tempted to behave in an unethical manner and how you chose to handle the situation write a song, rap, poem or story about one aspect of ethics and the importance of behaving ethically if you have a different idea- please see me for approval

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