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Business and Industry Certification Overview and Notebook Pages  The following is an overview of the required documentation for BIC. The following is.

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1 Business and Industry Certification Overview and Notebook Pages  The following is an overview of the required documentation for BIC. The following is the links to all of the forms needed for BIC.  All BIC Documents All BIC Documents All BIC Documents  Program of Work CTSO (under required forms) Program of Work CTSO Program of Work CTSO  Program of Work Advisory (under required forms) Program of Work Advisory Program of Work Advisory  Operation Guidelines Advisory (under required forms) Operation Guidelines Advisory Operation Guidelines Advisory  Budget (under required forms) Budget  Career Technical Implementation Plan (under special education forms) Career Technical Implementation Plan Career Technical Implementation Plan  Business Awareness Hours Forms (under required forms) Business Awareness Hours Forms Business Awareness Hours Forms  Lesson Plan Format (scroll down to CTE Lesson Plan Template) Lesson Plan Format Lesson Plan Format

2 BIC  You may use any of the materials created previously by Holly Resmondo in this PowerPoint for your BIC documentation.  If you have any difficulties, please contact me: Julia Bryant: I hope this helps make this process a little less time consuming.

3 Business and Industry Certification Program – School - Teachers

4 CAREER/TECHNICAL EDUCATION PROGRAM OF WORK for CTSO School Year: ___________ Teacher Name(s): ____________________________________________ School: _________________________ Program: __________________ TIMELINE Co-Curricular ACTIVITIES RESPONSIBILITIES of each Teacher each Teacher IMPLEMENTATION DATE

5 Copy of Check for CTSO Membership  Scan check and place on this page or copy and place in book.

6 CTSO Affiliation Form FFA FBLA FCCLA FTA HOSA SkillsUSA or TSA

7 Advisory Meetings  Minutes from two meeting  One last spring  One this fall  List of attendees and topics covered  Proof that 50% of your advisory was present  Committee approval of Program of Work


9 Roster of Members At least 5 members related to your program Name Business Address Occupation/ Job Title Phone number E-mail

10 Operation Guidelines for Advisory Committee Article I. Name: _________________Advisory Committee Purpose: To work with instructor and students to insure the welding program meets the students and industry it servers. Section 1. The __________________Advisory Committee shall exist only during such time as it may be authorized to serve by the duly constituted school board. Article II. Program Advisory Committee Membership Section 1. Instructor shall make appointments to the program advisory committee Section 2. The advisory committee shall consist of a minimum of five (5) members from the Career Technical ____________________Business and Industry community. Section 3. The program advisory committee membership shall be selected as representative of the career technical education interests in the area or region served. Section 4. The term of appointment begins on August 1st of each school year. Section 5. Members shall be appointed for terms of one year.

11 Article III. Leadership Article III. Leadership Section 1. The officers of the program advisory committee shall be the chairperson, vice chairman, and other such officers as may be required. Section 2. The election of officers shall be at the fall meeting each year. The officers be shall elected by the majority of the vote of the committee membership. Section 3. Chairperson. Section 3. Chairperson. The chairperson shall: A. Preside at all meetings. B. Appoint special subcommittees as need arises. C. Work closely with the school staff and administration in organizing committee activities. D. Represent the program advisory committee at all meetings of the general advisory council. Section 4. Vice Chairperson. Section 4. Vice Chairperson. The vice-chairperson shall perform the duties of the chairperson in their absence. The vice-chairperson shall perform the duties of the chairperson in their absence. Section 5. Facilitator. Section 5. Facilitator. The career technical education teacher will serve as facilitator. The facilitator will: A. Keep records of attendance. A. Keep records of attendance. B. Disseminate and organize minutes, meeting notices, agendas, and other documents. C. Maintain a permanent record of all committee activities.

12 Article IV. Meetings Section 1. Two regular and/or special meetings of the program advisory committee meetings shall be held during the year. Section 2. Written notice of committee meetings will be mailed to all members at least 10 days before the meeting. Section 3. Meetings shall be no more than 1 hour in length unless such meetings are continued by the vote of the committee. Section 4. Agendas shall be prepared and disseminated by the facilitator. Section 5. The chairperson shall appoint standing or special subcommittees as the needs arise. Article V. Amendments Section 1. These operation guidelines may be amended by a two-thirds majority vote of active members at any regular committee meeting, provided that notice of such proposed changes has been included in the call of the meeting.


14 Follow-up Report This will be pulled at the State Level and will reviewed before your visit

15 Student Records  Safety Test with a grade of 100% for each student currently enrolled in your classes  Interest Inventory all High School Students and FACS Middle School  Four year plan for all High School Students  Career Technical Implementation Plans for all students who receive accommodations.

16 Business Awareness Hours ( New knowledge related to program area content, skill proficiency, and/or equipment)  9 month contract - 8 hours total  10 or above month contract - 16 hours total Documentation: Attendance Certificates, Letter from Employer, Transcript, and/or Administration Verification

17 Teaching Certification  Alabama Teaching Certificate Coop  Transcript of required courses

18 Daily Schedule This will be pulled and viewed by the State Department before your BIC Review Date.

19 Curriculum Review Syllabus Items that must be included:  CTSO information  Program Name  Essential Question  Course Title  Prerequisite or indicates that no prerequisite is required  Course goals  Course description  Course outline  Assessment procedures  Culminating product(s)  Grading scale  Available students industry credentialing

20 Lesson Plan Format Encouraged to use!

21 Lesson Plan Components All Lesson Plans MUST contain:  Course Title  Overview/annotation  Background /preparation  Materials/equipment/technology recourses  Procedures/activities/learning experiences  Varied assessment strategies  Provisions for individual differences  Estimated duration of time in minutes or hours Are the following areas addressed as part of the course instruction?  Safety  Teamwork  Varied learning activities  Integrated academics  Employability skills  Problem solving and management skills  Credentialing  Essential questions  Primary learning objective  Integrated CTSO  Live Work if used  Projects  ALL content Standards  Evaluation of lesson for improvement

22 Teacher Interview, Counselor Interview and Observation Section need to be reviewed in detail! There is not documentation required for these sections

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