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Welcome to US History Mr. Pace H-309.

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1 Welcome to US History Mr. Pace H-309

2 About Me Nicholas Pace Education Certifications in 2 Discipline’s: Business Computer Science / Social Studies 14 years in the district 2 children (Nicky & Matthew) / 1 dog (Maya) My wife teaches at Blair Mill Elementary School

3 Grading Guides Classroom Expectations Homework Guidelines
Total Grading Guidelines Website: These guidelines are posted on my website, as well as the dates of major tests, major quizzes and major projects.

4 Contact Information Address - Classroom Phone # Remind (Teacher text assistant): Text to this Number # US Period  #2 US Period #4 US Period #5

5 US History Curriculum Civics & Government
The Gilded Age / The Age of Teddy Roosevelt Progressivism / The Progressive Era The Jazz Age/The Roaring 20’ The Great Depression World War I World War II Korean War / Civil Rights / Vietnam Cold War Contemporary America (Current America)

Recite the six goals of the constitution and write definitions which describe each one’s significance? What are the rights and responsibilities of citizenship in American society and where are these found in our nation’s documents? What were some of the challenges that new immigrants faced and continue to face as they assimilate to American culture How did Theodore Roosevelt and the Progressives begin to use government to protect the rights of American, workers, women, and children – Create a metaphor (i.e. an umbrella to represent this concept) What role did the U.S. play in WWI and describe what typical soldiers experienced in the trenches of the Western Front What is the policy of Isolationism and how did effect American foreign policy following WWI and throughout the ’s? Examine the culture of the 1920’s and how it was influenced by new creations such as: Jazz, radio, movies, prohibition, and automobiles What are the characteristics of an economic depression and how did the crash of the stock market and the failing economy impact life in America in the 1930’s – Examine music, photography, and literature to discover this life.

On what date was Pearl Harbor attacked and what consequences did this attack have upon American people and government? Identify these important WWII events and the people who influenced their outcomes (D-Day, Iwo Jima, The Holocaust, The Manhattan Project) Explain the origins of the Cold War then make a list of cold war related topics - How were American domestic culture and American foreign Policy affected? – Give one example of each. Create a timeline of the Modern Civil rights movement – What were the major places, people, and events involved in this social transformation? Why did Vietnam divide our nation, what were the two opposing sides, and who was caught in the middle? Who were the Post WWII presidents and what were the social, political, and economic highlights of each of their administrations? What have been the origins of America’s War on Terror and what controversies exist with our current approach to international issues and conflict What role do the media play in the lives of Americans? – Examine current events and how they are reported to discuss this question.

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