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Sustainability and the NHS transition

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1 Sustainability and the NHS transition
Ruchi Baxi June 2012


3 Sustainable development in the PCT

4 The project Project in conjunction with the SDU
Utilise the “wisdom of the crowds” Compile individual organisational plans to produce guidance

5 Current work Telephone conversations with sustainability leads in PCTs
Understanding: Current work streams Future plans for transition Envisaged benefits Envisaged threats Financial implications Sustainability in new organisations

6 Benefits of continuing SD work streams
Population health gains Resilience Mandate Influence on non-health sectors New workforce Possible financial savings

7 Risks of losing SD Environment, reputation, statutory duty

8 Current work streams Estates Peer groups Commissioning
Influencing non-health policy Sustainable sourcing for healthcare

9 Emerging opportunities
Partnership working Influencing during change Independent funding Human resource

10 Possible threats Competing priorities Uncertainty Futility Capacity
Degree of public health influence on NHS Politics Generating evidence – lag time

11 Finding common goals

12 Further keys to success
Approved plan, local policy, integration into frameworks Making the work indispensible Accountability Transparency Promote the work and document outcomes

13 Case study of success

14 Suggestions… …and questions Thank you!

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