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University Trade School Community College o Valuable Source of Information o Helpful web sites and more specific information links o Available to all.

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2 University Trade School Community College

3 o Valuable Source of Information o Helpful web sites and more specific information links o Available to all students on The Corona HS web site @ or in the College /Career Center (J-1)

4 FAFSA Free Application for Federal Student Aid If you do not complete and submit the FAFSA you will not be eligible for grants, work-study or federal loans


6 Money that is supplied by outside sources to help pay for the cost of an education beyond high school Sources ○ The Federal Government ○ State Government ○ School you attend after High School ○ Private Companies and Organizations

7 Non Need Based Aid Also known as Merit-Based Aid, given to students with special skills, talents, or academic ability and is competitive in nature Need-Based Aid Given to students who do not have sufficient resources to pay for an education. 80% of full-time students receive some form of Need-Based Aid

8 Grants- Free Money does not need to be paid back Loans- Low interest money must be paid back with interest, usually after school has been completed Work Study- On or off campus job provided by school, money used for tuition and school fees Scholarships- Available from various sources. Web sites, scholarship handbook,parents work place and J-1 good places to start looking

9 Cost of Attendance (COA) - Expected Family Contribution (EFC) = Amount of Financial Aid

10 Cost of Attendance (COA) What will it cost to attend chosen school: Tuition, fees books, room and board and transportation cost Expected Family Contribution (EFC) A measure of a family’s financial strength. How much of family’s financial resources can be used for education. The (EFC) is calculated from the information reported on the FAFSA

11 To Be Eligible A Student Must: o Have a high school diploma or its equivalent o Enrolled in an eligible degree or certificate program o U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen or meet the criteria for AB 540 ( please see your counselor, Mrs. Valencia in room H-8 or Mr. Nino in room G-7 for further information) o Have a valid Social Security Number o Register with the Selective Services (male, ages 18 to 25) o Continue to make satisfactory academic progress

12 Assembly Bill 540 allows undocumented students who meet certain requirements to pay in-state tuition to all UC, CSU & California Community Colleges, and gain eligibility to State Financial Aid. To Be Eligible A Student Must: o Attend a California High School for 3 or more years. o Enroll at an accredited public institution of higher education in California. o Must file an affidavit for legal residency. For further information please see your counselor, Mrs. Valencia in room H-8, Mr. Nino in room G-7, Mrs. Berrellez in the Administration Office, or online at and on the CHS


14 Information for Cal Grants comes from FAFSA. FAFSA must be submitted to be eligible for a Cal Grant or any other Government Financial Aid. Must submit GPA Verification Form by March 2 nd Forms may be picked up and dropped off in J-1 Students must attend a California school, including most Career/Technical Schools and complete high school with a minimum GPA of 3.0 for a Cal Grant A and a 2.0 for Cal Grants B & C. Information on all Cal Grants at

15 Available At FAFSA worksheets available in the College/Career Center (J-1) Deadlines January 1 st – March 2 nd Information Needed W-2 Forms, parents Income Tax Return, current bank statements, any records of stocks, bonds or other investments and alien reg. number (if not a U.S. citizen)

16 ○ ○ Instantly determines type of Financial Aid ○ Estimates the Financial Aid amount ○ Reduces the time to complete the FAFSA ○ Allows you to transfer all of FAFSA4caster to actual FAFSA form ○ Provides option to apply for Student Aid PIN c

17 ○ FAFSA is the most important aspect of Financial Aid ○ FAFSA submitted between January 1 st and March 2 nd ○ FAFSA4caster tool ○ One to Two weeks after submitting FAFSA will receive Student Aid Report (SAR) ○ Cal Grant GPA Verification Form available in J-1 from January 1 st to March 2 nd

18 o Be Aware of Scholarship Scams o Free money does not need to be paid back o Compete with other students, competitive in nature o Originate from government agencies, schools, companies,organizations, and private individuals o Regional, National & Local Scholarships available o Apply to as many as you are eligible for o Scholarships & Information on scholarships are in J-1, online and on Corona HS web site @

19 o Listen to announcements, review Scholarship Book in J-1, check online and the “Helpful Web Sites” page o Read requirements and eligibility-If you do not meet the requirements Do Not Apply o If you do qualify, complete as many applications as possible

20 o A number of Local Scholarships are available to Corona HS Students o Best chance of receiving, competing only with Corona Norco Students, most cases Corona HS Students only o Apply for as many as you are Eligible for o Information on local scholarships and procedures @

21 o Complete Application (handbook, page 13 ) o Write 1-page Personal Essay (handbook, page 16 ) o Copy of your Transcript (complete Transcript Request Form from the Career Center J-1) o Collect Two Letters of Recommendation (handbook, pages 14 & 15 )

22 o Two Letters of Recommendation are Required o Complete Personal Data Form (brag sheet) found in Handbook, ( pages 14 & 15) o Choose an Individual who knows you, and is able to personalize Letter of Recommendation o Allow at least 1 week for completion of letter

23  The Scholarship Committee and Local Scholarship Organizations make their decisions  Scholarships that require interview, take place April & May  All Scholarship Winners notified Monday, May 18 th Corona High School Senior Awards Night Best Of Luck!

24 o Be Organized o Know Your Options o Get The Information o Listen To Announcements and visit the Career Center o Avoid Scholarship Scams (never pay for scholarship information) ○ Be Aware Of Deadlines


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