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Endocrine System.

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1 Endocrine System

2 Functions Help regulate and coordinate body systems
Hormones chemical messages manufactured in glands throughout body Endocrine glands release hormones directly into the blood because they are ductless Negative feedback system endocrine system gives itself messages to control the production and release of hormones

3 Reproductive System

4 Endocrine system hormones are key factors in the function of human reproduction

5 Male Reproductive System
Internal and external organs Testes organs that produce male hormone testosterone and reproductive cells sperm Sperm combined with fluid energy source, producing semen.

6 Female Reproductive System
Internal organs called ovaries produce eggs Once a month, ovulation releases egg Uterus hollow, pear shaped, muscular organ that opens to outside of body Vagina the birth canal, or a muscular tube that opens to outside of body

7 Menstrual Cycle Monthly cycle of changes in female reproductive system
Endocrine hormones estrogen and progesterone control it Menstruation release of blood and uterine lining tissue Menopause gradual shutdown of ovaries which ends ovulation and periods

8 Human Development Fertilization uniting of sperm and egg
Zygote fertilized cell formed by nucleus of sperm and egg Pregnancy period of development before birth Zygote moves to uterus and becomes embryo Umbilical cord connects embryo to placenta, providing nutrients from mother and removing wastes from baby Embryo called fetus after two months of development

9 Birthing Process Muscular contractions of uterus push baby out through vagina Umbilical cord cut after baby born, and scar forms the naval (belly button) If baby cannot be delivered from birth canal, they are delivered by cesarean section

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