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The conscious decision to avoid sexual activity

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1 The conscious decision to avoid sexual activity
Abstinence What is it? The conscious decision to avoid sexual activity The ONLY 100% effective method to prevent pregnancy 100%

2 Brainstorming Bell Work
Think of as many reasons as you can why being abstinent from sex is a good choice for you. Think Holistically!!! Physical Mental/Emotional Social Spiritual Personalize this by evaluating your goals and values.

3 Why wait or stop? Future goals Reputation & gossip
Lower chances of acquiring a sexually transmitted infection (STI) such as HIV Won’t have to “break the news” to future partner Satisfy parental wishes “My parents would kill me.” Satisfy religious beliefs Avoid feeling guilty & regret Future relationships Future significant other might be looking for someone who has had limited or no partners Save sex as a “gift” to your spouse No stress caused by worrying about pregnancy, disease, or if someone will find out I want to be a good role model Money/child support

4 Already sexually active?
It’s NOT too late to turn to abstinence TODAY!! Make a commitment to yourself and make sure to inform your significant other of your wishes.

5 Contraceptive Methods
Contraception: attempting to prevent pregnancy Our goal is to have accurate information. Many aspects of your life need to be considered before having sex and possibly using these methods. Such as, what would my partner and I want if we experienced a pregnancy? Do my religious beliefs approve of these methods? Is a possible pregnancy and STIs worth it?

6 Condom Thin sheath of tissue placed on erect penis to catch semen
Correct usage 1. Must be placed on erect penis, before any vaginal contact 2. Space left between end of penis and condom to allow room for semen accumulation (w/o space; breakage is possible) 3. Penis (with condom attached) removed after ejaculation before erection is lost (so semen doesn’t spill out)

7 How it works:
Condom Effectiveness NOT 100% for STIs or Pregnancy Depends on if it is used properly every time Disadvantages May prevent only some STI’s Condom doesn’t cover all places where transmission occurs Condoms can be used for all 3 types of sex Vaginal, oral, anal How it works:

8 Myths Other Considerations Myth: “Condoms are too small for me”
Myth: Two at once increases protection Fact: Friction increases risk of breakage Myth: Condoms can be used more than once or flipped inside out Fact: One time use product Other Considerations Don’t store in glove compartments or carry in wallet (heat is bad) Some people are allergic to some condoms Polyurethane condoms can be used instead of latex if need be

9 Look for expiration date Examine for hole in package
Holes may indicate a hole in condom Some lubricated with spermicide: a chemical compound that kills sperm Expiration Date Spermicide

10 Natural Family Planning
Several religions accept this method Determine fertile days in menstrual cycle and avoiding sex during this time Body temp. recorded daily for several months Temperature slightly decreases just before ovulation and slightly rises after ovulation Cervix mucus changes also recorded Before ovulation mucus increases, become stringy, less sticky, clearer in color Disadvantages Must have a regular cycle Ineffective for young people

11 Pill (oral contraceptive)
Pill contains hormones (estrogen &/or progestin) Stop the release of eggs from ovary Thicken mucus from cervix Thins lining of uterus Must take EVERY day to be effective If missed: take 2 pills the next day, but chance of pregnancy will increase It is a prescription, so you need to see a Dr. Disadvantages Protection only after a full month’s cycle of pills has been taken Women still experience their menstrual period

12 Other Hormone Methods Birth Control Ring Birth Control Patch
AKA: Vaginal Ring Kept in vagina for 3 weeks and then taken out for a week Birth Control Patch Hormones enter body through the skin Changed once a week Can shower & swim with it on

13 Withdrawal (pulling out) NOT AN EFFECTIVE METHOD
Removing erect penis from vagina before releasing semen Pre-ejaculation fluid (from Cowper’s Glands) contains sperm Males have no warning of when this fluid is being released Disadvantages Self control needed to remove penis during the height of sexual pleasure

14 Can methods be used together?
Pill + condom + withdrawal YES!!! 2 condoms at once NO!!!

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