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TASC Tacoma’s Virtual Workspace For the Classroom.

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1 TASC Tacoma’s Virtual Workspace For the Classroom

2 Project Charter A virtual workspace to increase opportunities for student learning, communication and online collaboration. Training for teachers & students to use this instructional tool effectively. Identify best practices for blended learning in each content area to include in the training.

3 Class Collaboration Dashboard Milestones Implementation Training Project Management



6 ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS IBD 3 rd Grade Pilot Readiness Snapshot Hardware Classes @ PDC: “TASC – An Online Workspace for the Elementary Classroom”

7 TRAINING Job embedded professional development On site school based classes District workshops Online tutorials & resources

8 Join us on the TASC Discussion Board for Tips & Tricks RESOURCES

9 TASC, a perfect environment for innovative projects

10 Project Scope: Project Deliverables Training on using TASC, the virtual workspace in the classroom (workshops, online/video tutorials) Training materials for using TASC, the virtual workspace in the classroom (online & printed resources) In class coaching & instructional support

11 Project Scope: Requirements Adoption by the educational community in Tacoma Public Schools; Resources – C&I: reading facilitator(s), coaches, curriculum resources & pedagogy – Technology Services: technical support, networking, data validation; Instructional Technology facilitators & support

12 Contact Info Patti Guy, Virtual Workspace for the Classroom Project Manager PDC #206 253.571.3576 Kim Williams Instructional Facilitator for Blended Learning PDC #206 253.571.3574


14 Research based design Clear expectations Instructional resources

15 Blended Learning 1. Face to face instruction

16 2. Differentiation & Self-paced learning Using 21 st century technology to support their ever changing world.

17 Differentiate with My Assigned Tasks Self paced learning – student has some control over time & content

18 3. Online Collaboration

19 From Employee Portal To Teacher Portal

20 From Student Portal to Class Collaboration

21 What is TASC? A virtual workspace for the classroom. A place to have class discussions. A place to collaborate with others. A place to get extra help from your teacher. A place to share you work with your class.

22 Class Collaboration Project Anytime, anywhere

23 TASC Implementation Project What: A virtual workspace for the classroom for Class Collaboration When: 2 year project 2013-2015 Where: site based implementation (50+ sites) How: Instructional facilitator for job embedded professional development coupled with district wide PD Measurement & metrics

24 Q & A Feedback Pre & Post Survey Input Discussion Board Content Area applications

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