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DNA is made of Nucleotides (p. 282). Nitrogen Bases.

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1 DNA is made of Nucleotides (p. 282)



4 Nitrogen Bases



7 DNA Fingerprinting I. DNA is collected from usually blood, semen, or hair – Restrictive enzymes cut the DNA at specific sites – The cut up DNA is then placed in an agarose gel in a pan – Electrophoresis Using an electric current to separate DNA Strands Short strands migrate through the gel easier than the long strands do. – Thus, short strands go further through the gel – A DNA fingerprint is made. – Look at the following site to complete the simulated DNA fingerprint: – dnafp2/?utm_source=teachersdomain_redirect/asset/tdc0 2_int_creatednafp2/utm_medium=teachersdomain/asset/ tdc02_int_creatednafp2/utm_campaign=td_redirects dnafp2/?utm_source=teachersdomain_redirect/asset/tdc0 2_int_creatednafp2/utm_medium=teachersdomain/asset/ tdc02_int_creatednafp2/utm_campaign=td_redirects




11 Purpose of DNA Replication

12 I. DNA Replication (p. 285) – A. DNA is copied 1. Happens before a cell divides 2. Without DNA replication, new cells would only have half the DNA of the original cell 3. Steps of replication – a. Separation of strands – b. Base Pairing (Free floating nucleotides pair up) 4. Results of replication – a. 2 new molecules of DNA – b. Each new molecule has 1 original strand and 1 new strand

13 Mitosis A. B. C. D.


15 Correct Way

16 Wrong Way

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