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Virtual Collaboration Enterprise Week 2014 Colm Mc Colgan - ERNACT.

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1 Virtual Collaboration Enterprise Week 2014 Colm Mc Colgan - ERNACT

2 Develop and manage Digital projects between European regions

3 ERNACT is currently implementing the following Digital Agenda projects: Focus Next Generation Broadband for Rural Areas. Deploying e-services in the Atlantic Area Developing Mobile Apps for Tourism in Europe’s Northern periphery Impact of Digital Media on public service delivery in regions Helping Media sector go Digital Developing Plans for e-assisted energy efficiency transport in Europe’s regions Budget 1.5m € 2.0m € 1.5m € 2.4m € 1.8m € 1.4m € EU Prog 4C 4B 4C

4 ERNACT - A Success….. Mobilised 130 regions in 26 transnational cooperation projects Total budget €50 million Today - 44 regions in 6 projects, from 14 Member States 75% funding success rate

5 Notion……. ……Find ways to use the ERNACT network to facilitate private sector contact……

6 Focus of Presentation  Develop services to help companies from ERNACT regions develop linkages with partners around Europe.  Carry out in conjunction with the region’s public sector, such as local council or business development agency.  Can provide some advise on participation in EU technology transfer or research projects.

7 Health Care Green Energy Digital Tech. TourismFood Manufac turing Educat - ion Business Services West Romania xxxx Vaster’land xxx San Seb’n xxxxx Olomouc xxx Donegal xxxx Derry xxxx Cantabria xxxxx

8 News Funding Calls Docs Events Teams Project Info Work Plans Work Plans Regions Projects Regions Organis ations Regions People Video Photos WWW Website WWW Website @ Mail @ Mail ERNACT Regions Project partners EU Staff New Targeted Regions Central, East & Border

9 Collaboration Tools Offline Email Intranets Blogs Realtime Videoconferencing Instant Messaging Smart Phone (WhatsApp) Collaboration Platforms Events Teams Documents Social Media Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Youtube

10 Already Heavily “Virtualised” All ERNACT’s business processes are on the web  Funding Opportunities  Project Management  Workplans  Meetings & Events  Team Collaboration  Document Distribution  Marketing  Project Development Advantages  Work with more regions  On more projects  Easier to Publicise  Operational Efficiency & Reduced costs  Travelling is very costly & time consuming  EU facing pressures to cut costs

11 European Projects Environment European Cities or Regions Economic Sectors Dev. Initiatives Organisations Projects Funds

12 Region A Orgs. Initiatives

13 Common Project, Ideas & Funding Space Region A Orgs. Initiatives Region B Orgs. Initiatives

14 Design Notions  Regions to socialise on the topic  Icons, pictures of people, region coat of arms, organisation logos  Short conversations  New events messaged  Structured – model links between a region’s economic sectors and action plans, organisations, project ideas and funding

15 Territorial Innovation  Economic Development Priorities  Development Initiatives to achieve Economic Development Targets  Contributing Organisations  Project Ideas  Initiative Action Plans  Interest in Funding Calls  Real-time: Updates are tweeted right away  Periodic: Recipients are updated by email on a periodic basis  Search: users can search for common interests  Browse: Nosy around the service

16 Status  Piloting  Atlantic Regions  East Europe  Rollout to ERNACT


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